Abbie Gomez per 3-4

Development of the Analysis

The characters show courage and that creates the plot of the story. In Freak The Mighty it shows lot's of courage. One example of the characters courage changing the plot is when Max was fighting his dad. This shows courage because Max is afraid of his dad. Also, when Freak was in the hospital. Freak knew something was wrong with him but he still was able to stay happy. All these things that they did show courage. This book most of the characters in the book show lots of courage.

Application of Theme

I think courage is something that everyone has. Courage is a good thing. If you don't have courage you can't do scary things, it helps make you brave. I think the author did develop the theme is the story well. When I think of the theme I think of courage. Every little line in the book was showing me courage. When Max was fighting his dad and Freak went to save him. The author shows that when you have courage you can do lots of things.

Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

This book is not only funny but sad. Also, there are a ton of cliff hangers. The story is about Max and Freak. They are neighbors and friends. Together they have adventures and show courage. Max looks out for Freak because Freak is very small. Freak is a funny character, he is very brave as well. Together they are able to become friends and help each other.
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