Making you fly

Helping you fly to your destiny

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Would you like to build a snowman?

Hey. How are you? I'm the creator of a new uncannily motivational blog that uses drawings to simply and give your insights into your own life and hearts. And also, how to be the version of you, you want to be!

That you deserve to be!

Makingyoufly is all about having you develop wings. Wings that soar high into the sky of life so when you look down, all things that you ever wanted to have, will be within your reach.

And its not just like 'any other motivational blog'

No. Rather, Making you fly struggles with its own developing baby wings.

I want you to come with me on an embarking journey through life. Where you and I, both, hold hands together and fly in the sky of life.

And unlike the best things in life. My blog and knowledge is free.

Heck, I'd even want you to join me, suggest me and help me provide the knowledge of improvement of life to everyone who seeks it.

Come on! Join me on this adventure. I need you.

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The beginning of the journey

Here is my first post. And I'd like you have every bit of constructive (Or destructive, if that's what you dig) criticism, really.

Its a journey we embark on together, and on a journey like this, I'd like to know what my comrades think of my first step on a long road.

I hope you hold my hand through this path as we all take one step a time on a it.