Music History World Tour

8 stops about famous musicians around the world.


The stops

Johannes Ockegham

This first stop is where Johannes Ockeghem was born.He was born in the town called Saint Ghislain in Belgium. The second stop is Paris, France where Johannes became a Maestro.


As a chaplain and composer, Ockegham served three french kings.

Paris, France

Later when Ockegham grew up, he moved to Paris and he became a Maestro for the french court.

Josquin Des Prez

Final stops, Josquin was born in the county of Hainut Belgium. The next stop is Saint Quentin's church in Belgium where Josquin became a choirboy. The last stop is Rome.


1483-1484, Josquin served the Sforza familyin Milan

Hainut, Belgium

This is the place where Josquin was originally born.


Last but not least, Rome. Rome is the place were Josquin became a member of the papal choir.

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