8th Grade STEM Water Woe's Project!

With: Freelance Water Co.

Created by: Garrett, Nureini, Ryan, And Dylan!


  • Pvc Pipes
  • Water Pumps
  • 50 Gallon Barrel
  • A Gutter
  • Hose
  • Water Filter

Pro's And Con's Of Our Design


  • The system works with a flip of a lever or a push of a button
  • Any excess water Gets recycled & cleaned to be reused in the system
  • The System Can hold 50 Gallons of water


  • the pumps are moderately expensive (about 50$ for 2 of them)
  • The system might freeze in winter if water is left unattended inside


The first step in setting up our Water Woes irrigation system is getting the barrel in place under the gutter, since our barrel is 50 gallons it is very heavy and must be on the ground. The barrel will be attached to PVC pipes, which run to the hoses which go between the garden rows. We will need curved PVC attachments on the ends of PVC pipes, to have them continually flow water through the system. In order to get water to the plants, there are holes in the bottom of the hose, so that the water gets just to the plants. Also, with this system, we will have water pumps that will pump excess water that was not used back into a recycled water bin, and maintain a steady flow of water throughout the irrigation system.

Our Project description

Our Water Woes project is a drip irrigation system that runs throughout the garden. We have a 50 gallon barrel, underneath a gutter on the side of the school. We will need to place the rain barrel on a flat surface of the ground, so it doesn't teeter, and maintains a strong foundation. When it rains, the gutter collects all of the water that comes through the gutter, and into the barrel. The barrel is attached to PVC pipes, which the water will flow throughout the pipes. There are holes in the bottom of the pipes, which slowly drips water onto plants, keeping them hydrated and healthy as long as there is sunlight to provide. Then the water goes through the soil and into a sub-irrigation system that drains into a water filter, and then leads back into the cistern.


It is a great system to use, because over-watering will not occur. Also, with the Drip Irrigation method, it comes with benefits. One of those benefits are that weeds aren’t getting watered. Since the holes in the bottom of the pipes are only pointed onto the plants, weeds won’t get watered to grow, and will prevent weeds from stealing nutrients and water from your plants. Another good reason for using this method. Our group looked at a lot of different sources, looking for ways to improve our garden and make it better.

Thanks for Listening!