Watch, Read, Listen for #edgyedu

Encouraging Conversations in Rethinking Education

Assignment for January 6th

Take some time to truly engage in the three different mediums that you will find in this Smore page. Be sure to honestly fill out the reflection piece for each. Once we meet in person on January 6th, we will be discussing each medium in more detail.

If any of the mediums challenged your way of thinking today, that's good!

This day will not be the standard "free candy and backrubs" EDU session.

This day is for US as a group to begin conversations on how we can be catalysts to encourage the rethinking education in each of our school districts.


Watch "The Backwards Brain Bicycle." Once you have completed watching the video, please Reflect here when done: Padlet

  • Question to answer is in upper left hand corner of Padlet.
  • Double tap anywhere on Padlet to add your answer.


Read the following blog post by Isabella Bruyere, a high school Sophomore:

Why School Sucks (hint: it's not because it's boring)

Reflect here when done reading: Flipgrid


Listen to the following podcast by Don Wettrick as he interviews Gary Vaynerchuk.

Education Needs Change

Reflect here when done listening: Gary V Podcast Notes

Debrief at STRIV World Headquarters in Henderson, Nebraska

You've watched, read and listened. Hopefully, it's made you think and perhaps challenged your way of thinking as a teacher or administrator.

Debriefing starts at 9:30am on Saturday, January 6th. Go to #HASHTAG (building on the corner).