Class News 1/2B

Week 8

Talking and Listening

Well done to all the children who have been preparing and presenting their talks each week. We have seen and heard lots about local places and the importance of water. The upcoming public speaking competition doesn't accomodate the use of technology so this week we are asking that children prepare their talk on their favourite water creature without using a powerpoint and to use palm cards instead. We have been encouraging children to make eye contact and avoid just reading their notes.


This weeks talking topic is to research your favourite water creature

Spelling words to be written out 2 or 3 times in columns.

Maths stencil to be completed.

Grandparents day - This Thursday

Don't forget to send in your sausage sizzle orders for children and grandparents by this Tuesday. No canteen this week!

Check out this article!

The World Health Organisation has taken a tough stand on sugar.