4th grade memorys

By Sam and Skylar

Phy Ed

Phy Ed as been a really great experience for everybody there are lots of fun games and activity's. Like the game island rescue a dodge ball game were you have to hit the other team with a ball to get them out! Gymnastics is another really fun activity this is really special because we don't get to do this in 5th grade and up and we are the only school who gets the gymnastics equipment. Gymnastics was also fun because the rope, it was fun because you can get really high! Gym was really great! When I go to 5th grade I am going to miss all the games and are gym teacher.


Music is awesome!I have been at this school for 5 years and those 5 years i have been waiting for a recorder! We did this activity called recorder karate. We have to play certain songs and if we pass we get a colored piece of string (karate belt). Also it was fun because we got to do dances with our songs! If the whole class was super good we would get a game day and get to choose a fun activity! I have loved all of our music teachers! In my 5 years being here i have had 3 different music teachers, Mrs. Zanko , Miss. Block and Mrs. Lueck. They have all been super nice and helpful that is part of why I loved music class.

Social Study's

Social study's is my 4th favorite subject. For are test instead of taking a boring paper test we got to do it on a computer! we used this website ( www.smore.com ) to make awesome flyers about immigration. I think that it was a really great learning experience. Social study's has helped me allot when I go to museums and other places like are Madison field trip when we went to the capital. When I went there I understood allot more stuff than when the first time I went there. My social studys teachers were also really fun! ( Mrs. Voigt and Mrs. Geiser )


I liked writing a lot because we got to do fun writing prompts like a story kind of like cloudy of a chance of meatballs. We have done lots of writing activities and it was lots of fun. One of my favorites was a thanksgiving activity were we passed around a piece of paper with each of are names on one sheet and people wrote things on it that what they were thankful for about you. Writing is sure a memory I will never forget!


A couple weeks ago we went to Madison! The bus ride there was a little rough but I survived. The back of the bus was shouting the whole time! I was glad i wasn't back there that is something I will never forget! When we got there everyone was so exited! As we toured the building it was really cool. At the end of the tour we got to meet Scott Walker! He was really nice. We got to go to biotechnology and make DNA it was so gross! But it was lots of fun. I liked also because we got to see a lot of gold.


I really liked reading because I like to read big book's. Reading was really fun because as much as it was fun some books were a challenge. In all of are reading activities there was a really good book to go along with it either in our Story Town book or in a separate book.