Sniper Battles during WWII

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Sniper Battles

During WWII there were many things going on through out it. There was invasions, deaths, and some form of racism, and so much more things. Sniper Battles is what this will be over hence the title. Okay so we all learned about Vassili and his sniper career it turns out he was a real sniper and that he did claim the lives of maybe 400+ people.

What is a sniper battle?

Now think about all the other snipers in the war they were there too, but sniper battles were basically where a sniper and another sniper compete so basically who is the better counter-sniper. These battles had a impact on war for snipers were quick and accurate shots as well with the stealth factor so with a counter-sniper taking out a sniper it helps clear the path and so having less fear of what is ahead and to lead their forces. #countersniper

Sniper Impact

We all learned about this and even watched the movie, but what we got to see was that snipers played a much bigger role than what you might think. Snipers were renowned and famous giving that Vassili was in the papers and his name was known by event eh Germans he was a major target. Why was a he a major target? Killing him would probably demoralize the Soviets for this famous sniper has died. Vassili was a hero in WWII for he inspired people and gave hope to his people that they could win the battle. #vassili

Why is this topic important?

This topic is important for the fact that snipers gave morale boosts for their side. They would stealthily take out their targets and sometimes even collect their dog tags. People would then be inspired to fight harder and be given hope that they will see through the end of the war and claim it as victorious. #inspiration


"There is no ground for us beyond the Volga." ~Vassili Zaitsev

This basically means the morale of his people remain in what is the Volga

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