Animal Abuse

Three main subjects abusing animals.

Animal Abuse Kind Of People

There are many bad people in the world , as there are good people. Animals are kept captive. Some bad humans hit or even kill animals.Pouching kill animals for there fur or even more.The good humans take wild animals but they help them and take care of the animals.If people pouch animals there populations will shrink. Animals get take away from their family If people keep on killing or torturing animals we mite not have no animals at all.

Circusse Facts

How animals are treated in circusses most of the time is cruel. Animals are forced to be in their shows. There is cruel training methods that include violence. According to " Born Free USA and CAPS",some animals stay most of its time in cages or boxcars and even chains. When there in the cage, boxcar, chains for one animals like the tiger when they travel in cages they don t eat like there supposed to.

Animals train with a stick with a hook called a " bull hook" it hearts the animal. Elephants get forced to balance on there head. They tie there feet, slowly making them balance. Elephants also get to do unusual ticks. Tigers participate when they don t want to. The tigers jump in a flaming hoops. They hate fire but they still need to. After there shows, the animals get cramped in to their cages,from CAPS and L.C.A.

Small Zoos

According to CAPS don t usual get fed. So they suffer.They tell that animals don t belong in zoos they belong in there natural habitat. In one small zoo a few donkeys get white paint all over there bod y then black strips all over too.A hear died of stress , the owner did do anything so he left it to wrote in its cage.

Born Free USA has the same opinion about the topic but in differnt words.The animals wild instints can not be brought out in there cage.Like the tiger needs to hunt the prea they just run ,get,chomp, and eat but in a doimain they just get it and go. If the zoos keep on geting the wild animals there populations will not develop .

Big Zoos

According to CAPS,they believe that animals belong in the wild.The animals don t need to be in zoos.Animals suffer in some bad zoos. For one reason is that donkeys get painted on stripes and a gorilla escaped its cage to be shot. Also animals die in there cages to wrote.

Born Free USA says that when animals are in captivity will not let there wild instincts out. Keeping wild animals will harm the animals populations in the wild.

Animal abuse in the wild

"Do" says that animals get mostly gets to die by poachers. They die because there's something special about the animal. Like ivory from elephant tust and many more like animals fur , bones , ivory , and fales mediecen . The most comen animal that gets killed is the rhino and the elephant . They die because of there ivory tuts , and horns. Also tigers fur is off the poachers have to kill these animals so they (the poachers) won't die to attempting to scin the animals fur.

"PETA" said that there aren't ment for human entertainment , so they are torchered by doing weird tricks. When the wild animal is caught by poachers they have at rankle losing dart to make the wild animal fall asleep. Most of the animals are forced to be in human activities like bull fighting and so many more like greyhound racing.

Organization that help animals

"Caps" helps wild animals.They do not want them to get punished .They also believe that they shouldn't be treated bad, they don't belong in zoos or circuses. They say their populations will shrink.Then there will be no exotic animals left in the world. "Caps" knows that the animals will get tortured and even more.They try hard to save animals.

"L.C.A" try to encourage people to donate money to save animals. Lots of animals need to help. They strongly oppose to people to use animals in there shows that preform. " L.C.A" don't like what they do to animals in any thing that includes wild animals."L.C.A" people want wild animals that are wild to be in their natural habitat .