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Happy New Year and a huge THANK YOU!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Second of all, I want to thank you all SO much for your unbelievable generosity this Christmas. I began writing "thank you" emails to the first several people who gave me any gifts/cards/goodies but I just couldn't keep up! So please accept my thanks in this newsletter. As a new teacher to Fellowship this year, y'all have made me feel so welcome and for that I am so grateful. I loved looking at each and every Christmas card, eating/using the homemade goodies and utilizing gift cards over the break. So THANK YOU! :)

The time after Christmas always makes me a little sad... it's my favorite season of the year by far. But I love that the new year also brings fresh starts and new hope for the upcoming year. Here's to a 2016 that is full of joy, hope, and grace because of Jesus.

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Pre-K - Pre-1st Grade


We practiced our capital and lowercase letters on the iPads (A-L, a-l). We practiced drawing diamonds (the shape of the week) and using our finger to write our names without looking at our name tags!


We reviewed our home row keys on the keyboard and jumped right back into Keyboarding Without Tears to warm up our little fingers after the 2 week break!


We learned how to use World Book Online to find pictures of our winter animals and we also learned some new review games on

1st - 3rd Grade


We used StoryMaker on ABCya to reflect on our favorite part of Winterfest last week. We also began a digital citizenship lesson on cyberbullying. Stay tuned for the awesome online books that we are going to create about two animals learning how to deal with cyberbullying!


We learned some new online games to practice addition and subtraction facts, as well as practice proper keyboarding with our home row keys.


We began our first digital citizenship lesson by learning about the definition of digital citizenship. We also learned about our "rings of responsibility" both online AND offline. Ask your child if they can name all 3 rings. :)

4th - 5th Grade


We continued our series of digital citizenship lessons with a discussion about using keywords when we search on the internet. We practiced safely using Google to search for information about dogs. We learned that the more specific we were with our keywords, the more specific and accurate our results became. For more information about what you can do as a parent to ensure that your child is searching the internet safely, watch the video below from Common Sense Media! You can also visit this blog posting about the topic, also from Common Sense Media. In your child's Friday Folder, there is even more information for you as parents on smart searching (on purple paper).


We began researching our assigned people from the 1920s by using World Book Online and other resources. We also learned about citing resources. This research is for a 3-part project. The students will be writing/typing a research paper (for LA), creating a poster (for social studies), and also using the same information to create a Prezi (an online visual presentation, similar to PowerPoint, for computer class).

Other Resources (See below for more information)

  • World Book Online- This website can be used for research for Fellowship elementary students at home. I sent an email out last week with the link and login information, but just in case you need it again... Username: fcshome / Password: 123456
  • My Computer Lab Website- Several students have asked me to send home this link. This is the website that we use in computer lab to access the various resources that we use in computers. Feel free to take a look around!