Doctor - My future career

By Eduard Poienar


Being a doctor won't be an easy thing to handle. Being a doctor requires a lot of responsibility, precision and lots of patience. I know that doctors work in hospitals and clinics, helping hundreds of people recover or maintain their health. I would like to be a doctor because it is an interesting job and also because I have the qualities required.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Review patient history
  • Run tests on patients
  • Help patient maintain or recover health
  • Review tests and exams

Work environment

Inside a hospital/clinic are good working conditions (most of the time). A hospital is a lot different than a hospital. Usually in hospitals, the doctors run special tests and they do surgeries while in a clinic, they will run tests and give you medication.

Education and Training

For a job in this domain you will need the Doctoral Degree and a Professional Degree. It typically takes from 11 to 16 years to complete your education, including four years of college (undergraduate school), four years of medical school and anywhere from three to eight years of training in a specific specialty area (residency training), depending on which specialty you choose to pursue. In order to take a medical class in Leyden I had to take Biology, Health and two years of science.

-Harvard University

-Stanford University

-University of California

Preferred job skills

  • Precise - Having a great precision is crucial
  • Delicate - You don't want to increase the pain of the patient
  • Fast - Sometimes you need to make fast decisions to keep your patient alive
  • Coordination - Adjusting actions in relationship with others

Job Outlook

18% Faster than Average


Around $90.00 per hour

Average is $187,200 per year

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Steps to Becoming a Doctor

Post-Secondary Plans

If my career won't work as planned I was thinking of taking some classes or go to a college for business and marketing. I will become a manager for a restaurant or even own one. I can also go to take classes to become a assistant dentist. They are both well paid jobs and they don't require a long time training