The Albatross Written By: Kate Bass

By: Chloe Lange

About Kate Bass

Kate Bass was born in England and went to several universities. She now still lives in England with her family and works as an illustrator. She is known for writing about common emotions and family ties. Her poem The Albatross was wrote in 2003 and published in a book called The Pasta Maker.

An Albatross is an actual oceanic bird, but this poem ins't about a bird of the ocean. This Poem talks about the fear you face when someone you loves was so familiar but than suddenly you didn't know them. This poem also includes the struggle of being a mom and how hard it is to balance house work and taking care of your child.

"I hear a snap and a sound like falling rain."

"A voice that no longer seems familiar, only strange."

Why The Albatross?!

Ever wonder what it feels like to hear an unfamiliar voice or ever wondered how it feels to wish away the afternoon? Well if you answered yes to one of this questions than The Albatross is the poem for u! This poem covers all of this topics making it super fun and relatable Kate Bass does an amazing job at making you feel very close to her characters.
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