Trick Riding

For lessons, go to a trick riding professional!

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The training you will need to get started!

Trick riders will need a background in dance, gymnastics, and/or a similar physical activity. You must make sure that the horse you will be riding has been trained by a trick riding professional. Trick riders will need physical strength and athletic agility. Riders must be able to properly execute pull ups, push ups, and be able to use your muscles to hold or pull more weight than their own body weight. You must be flexible and have a strong sense of balance.

Here are some of the exciting moves trick riders get to perform!

About the job

Trick riding is very dangerous. Riders are moving at a high speed on a large animal that is trained to run without being controlled. You will need special equipment to preform some tricks. These tricks include, but are not limited to, standing up, hanging off the side, or jumping on and off a galloping horse. Most trick riders make between $43,826 and $65,151. the average trick rider makes $52,739 a year.

Enjoy all you're trick riding experiences!

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