miranda and ferdiand pt.2

character analysis

miranda is naïve because she has started to fall in love with Ferdinand even though he is only the third man she has seen. she is also a young girl and might not know what true love is.

Theme - Love at first sight.

Once Miranda and Ferdinand laid eyes on each other they soon came to the conclusion they were meant for one another, but also having to remember that this is the only male that she has seem besides her father and Caliban. As her father acted as though he did not want them together he really does, knowingly that Miranda and Ferdinand barely know each other Prospero wants them to get married so he can get back at his brother and Alonzo. When both Miranda and Ferdinand have been around each other for the amount they have been around each other they love began to grow even more, the more Prospero tried to deny the love the more they drew one another. Neither of them want to be away from another so they express they love the have and letting the other person know that they won't stop trying to be with each other no matter the circumstances they may face. They instantly knew once they saw each other they were made for one another.

how could miranda and ferdinand be in so much love when miranda only saw two other men and ferdinand is lonley without his family

how does ferdinand feel about miranda