Freak the Mighty


True Friends

"I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while." After Max left Freak's house, he went home and cried. He did this because he was happy. He hasn't had a friend like this in a long time, if ever. Friends are there for each other and cry for each other when they're happy. True friends are hard to find, but Max and Freak found each other.
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Man vs. Man

Max defended Freak against Tony D. and his Gang. Tony thought that Freak had Cherry bombs in his pocket, although it was his leg brace. Freak tried to defend himself, but then Max stepped in to help. They thought Tony was going to kill them, so they tried to help each other. Then they heard a police siren and Tony and his gang ran. Max and Freak were safe and they laughed.

Character Remarks

It's related because Freak told a joke, and it took Max a minute to get it. Sometimes when friends tell jokes you don't always get them at first. In the end Freak and Max were laughing. They just kept talking. It was just like they could handle anything together. As long as they stick together nothing will be a problem.

Contrasts of Freak and Max

Freak is very smart. Max isn't as smart. Freak and Max are complete opposites. Friends sometimes aren't completely alike. They usually are pretty different from each other.When came after them for a second time, they got stuck in the pond. Freak was yelling for help while Max was trying to get free. They helped each other and then got rescued.