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Sunday, January 24

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In Loving Memory of Ms. McClendon

Ms. McClendon was such a devoted and caring colleague with a beautiful smile and vibrant personality. She loved teaching and was dedicated to providing a quality education to her students. She was very proud to be a mighty Wilder Wolverine! She was a valued team player in the Electives Department and her presence will be deeply missed.

Thank you for your kind words and condolences.

~Mrs. Broudy

Spring Gifted Identification Window

On Monday, January 18th, the referral window for Spring Gifted Identification opened for students in grades K-12. Gifted identification referrals will be accepted by the Gifted Resource Teacher from January 18 through January 29th. Please reach out to your Gifted Resource Teacher for more information. Link to Spring 2021 ID Slideshow Video Here

University of Virginia Summer Opportunity

The University of Virginia School of Education announces the upcoming season of the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) for gifted and high-ability children rising into fifth through twelfth grades. In talking with previous participants, they fondly describe not only our rigorous and engaging academic course offerings, but also the welcoming social environment at SEP and the lifelong friends they made during their time with us. We look forward to hosting students in Summer 2021– this will be our 43rd summer!

The curriculum for each course is based on best-practices for gifted instruction. Our teachers specialize in fields ranging from engineering and economics to linguistics. SEP students have a unique opportunity to engage a topic they would not usually encounter at their stage of learning, with a specialist in that field as their guide and mentor. During each twelve-day session, students stay in UVa dorms with one roommate their age, in suites of eight students and one residential counselor, who is a university student. SEP suites form a strong bond that facilitates learning and encourages the students’ love of academic engagement. Classes are held at a nearby private school with state-of-the-art classroom facilities, but all other activities are organized on the UVa Grounds. This experience in the University of Virginia setting can be powerful, as students imagine themselves returning here, or to another university, when they graduate.

The application will be posted online starting December 15, 2020 with a submission deadline of February 18, 2021. Candidates must upload the most current report card and request a recommendation from one teacher. Tuition for the 2021 summer is $1490 with a $40 application fee. Financial aid is available based on need. The financial aid form is available on our website and should be submitted no later than March 1, 2021. In previous years, we have included an option of a paper application, but last year we received so few applications on paper we are trying to eliminate that option. However, they are always available on our website.

Applications are completed online through our website at: http://curry.virginia.edu/sep. If you have any questions please email us at curry-sep@virginia.edu or call us at 434-924-3182.

Virtual Speech and Debate Programs

Next Week's Schedule

January 25 & January 26 are normal scheduled days

January 27-DAY 1

-Synchronous (Log onto the class meeting link) student work recovery day

-Students follow their normal DAY 1 schedule)

January 28-DAY 2

-Asynchronous (No class meeting)

-Students responsible for completing (1) independent assignment for each DAY 2 class

-Students who fail to submit their assignment will be marked absent for the class

January 29- DAY 1 & Half-Day

-Asynchronous (No class meeting)

-Students responsible for completing (1) independent assignment for each DAY 1 class

-Students who fail to submit their assignment will be marked absent for the class

-Q2 Quarter Ends

Wilder Week at a Glance Agendas

Please click here for week 19 plans!

One Team. One Vision. #WilderWay


Mission: Our team is committed to serving all scholars by providing them with a safe educational experience focused on deeper learning, celebrating diversity, and fostering leadership.

Vision: We will empower students to reach their full potential by promoting rigorous academic expectations, preparing students to be leaders in the community, nurturing positive relationships, and ensuring the learning and skill development necessary for high student achievement.