SLAMM Day Information


SLAMM Day Information

SLAMM Day is Liberty's registration day, which will be held on August 7th and 8th, where students can walk their schedules, get lockers, pictures, order yearbooks, pay fines, obtain a parking pass, work on schedule changes and more! Below is further information broken down, please e-mail with any questions.

Slamm Day Schedules

In order to aid in traffic flow we have separated the registration days by grade level using a drop-in format as seen below:

o August 7th: 10 am - 12 pm for Seniors

o August 7th: 12 pm - 2 pm for Juniors

o August 8th: 2 pm - 4 pm for Sophomores

o August 8th: 4 pm - 6 pm for Freshmen

Fines & Fees

Parents and Students are encouraged to pay any fines and fees before SLAMM. To do so please visit our LHS Financial Secretary, Mindy Webb (, during office hours. Parents can see any fines and fees prior to SLAMM Day by logging onto the portal after August 3rd.

Schedules & Bus Assignments

Schedules will be online and available for print on August 3rd through the student portal. Please print your schedule ahead of SLAMM Day and bring it with you to registration, printed schedules will also be available during SLAMM. Bus assignments will be e-mailed out on July 31st.

Parking Passes

Parking Passes will be available for purchase to all students eligible for a pass.

  • Spots WILL be assigned this year

  • Seniors will get priority parking if their passes are purchased on SLAMM Day, juniors will get the next closest spots, followed by sophomores. We will utilize the front lot first, then the back lot, using the athletic fields lot only after those have been filled.

  • Passes will be $30 a year. All FINES must be paid before you can buy a pass.

  • Please print and fill out the attached Parking Application and bring it with you to SLAMM Day.

  • Students will need a license, a parking application (signed by a parent), and proof of insurance in order to purchase a parking pass.

Required Form to Fill Out & Return

Below is a form (front and back) EVERY student is required to turn in during SLAMM. You will also find information pertaining to the signed document. Please print and fill out prior to SLAMM, or feel free to stop by LHS and grab a copy of the form. There will be a table during SLAMM for students to turn this item in.

Required Form:

  • Acknowledgment Information (Please write legibly and include student's name on each side), If you choose to purchase the insurance include a $20 check made out to Wentzville School District).

IMPORTANT Senior Information

• All students entering 12th grade need a second meningitis immunization prior to August 15th.

  • If the student has already had the immunization, please have their doctor's office fax us a copy of the immunization update (636) 561-1681.

  • We will have an immunization clinic open on SLAMM Days to issue the immunization to any students still needing it. Not all insurances are accepted. Please reference the attached list.

    • Students will need their insurance card, and a parental consent form signed (see attached).

    • The “clinic” will be open from 11am-1pm on August 7th and again on August 8th from 3-5pm.


Lockers will be assigned to freshmen and available to all other students upon request.

Yearbook Photos

Trotter Photo will be at SLAMM to take yearbook photos for students entering 9th-11th grade. Seniors, you must call Trotter and set up an appointment for your pictures (636) 978-7689. The deadline for senior photos to be taken is October 6th.

Yearbooks will be available for purchase at SLAMM Day. They may be purchased online prior to SLAMM Day by clicking the button above and follwoing the directions.

Senior Ads

Senior Ads are available for purchase until October 26th. Click the button above for directions on ordering an Ad for your student.

WSD Annual Back to School Fair

Saturday, Aug. 4th, 8-11am

559 East Highway North

Wentzville, MO

The Wentzville School District will host the eighth annual “Back to School Fair” for Wentzville School District families on Saturday, August 4th from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at Timberland High School. The event is free for District families and will feature over 100 vendors, free school supplies, free first aid kits (thanks to St. Charles County Ambulance District), free games and fun activities for children.
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