The Indiana Pacers

Lets Go Pacers Lets Go

Team Mascot

The team mascot is Boomer the Panther.

Boomer is famous for for the side way dunk. He has been with the Pacers since the years of ABA.( the American basketball association). It is a good environment for a Panther.

Team Info

Country is the US. The state is Indiana, the team is called the Pacers.Herb Simon is the owner of the Pacers. The coach is Frank Vogel. The team is famous for the the most three pointers made.they also have the most victories in the ABA.The stadium is called the Bankers Life Stadium. The longitude and latitude is 39 N and 85W. It is in the mid-west region. The language is English, the court is near the the football felid the ,Colts.

The Language is English. The Physical feature is there is a good farming place.

The History

The pacers struggled in the game plan should they use early NBA years they did not know what game plan they should use. After 3 years they got better they did a defense where you just trick the person that is grading you and go front back front back and then sideways. They got much better form this drill. In about 3 years they won the NBA Finals.

The Ecomony

Bankers Life Fieldhouse offers concourses up to 60 feet at its widest so maneuvering to one of the 100+ places to purchase concessions is a walk in the park.

When it is halftime of the game or intermission of the show, it’s time to kick back and relax at one of the many tables throughout the Main Concourse or Balcony Level. Grab a gourmet meal or a hot dog and nachos, and with more concession stands that means more of a variety and less time waiting in line.

From every seat in Bankers Life Fieldhouse, you’ll feel right on top of the action. Also, every seat is 20-22 inches wide or greater. That’s good, because with you’re closeness to the excitement, you’ll need the space to stand up and exchange high-fives with all the fans around you.