Perserverance through Cancer

Learning more about cancer

Questions about Cancer

What is Cancer?

The disease caused by an uncontrolled division if abnormal cells, that start to grow in the body. The cells can grow to such large numbers that form a tumor that can not allow an organ to function properly.

What causes Cancer?

There are many types of cancer, that can be caused by many different things. For example a teenager could have gotten lung cancer by smoking too much. Cancer could be caused just by you genetic make up, something you have no control over.

How can you treat Cancer?

There are many ways of how you can treat Cancer. A lot of people with Cancer are treated with Chemotherapy, which is the process of taking lots of medicine. You can also be treated by getting surgery to try to remove the Cancer. Getting Radiation Therapy is also an option of treatment.

How many people get Cancer?

Cancer is the #1 killer of children and every 1 out of 3 people will develop Cancer at one point in there life. 1 out of every 2 men, and 1 out of every 3 women will get Cancer. So approximately 39.6% will develop bad cells.

Why is Cancer so important to know about?

It is good to have knowledge about Cancer so you know how hard people have to fight and persevere everyday to stay alive, because they are living with this deadly disease.

Why fighting Cancer matters.

Fighting Cancer matters so people can reduce the amount of patients living with Cancer.


What happens to a person with Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer is a very hard thing to live with, people are trying hard every day just to be able to breathe. First you have to have a sign of Lung Cancer, you start with a fluid that lines your chest, and begin coughing up blood. Then you lung collapses and you have a blockage in your airway. As Lung Cancer grows it spreads through the rest of your body. Perseverance takes a big part in Cancer, you have to be willing to fight even though there are challenges through your experiences and treatment, but in the end of it you will get better.


Journey through Cancer

What if one day you were so happy you just had an amazing day and then you start to feel sick, really sick and you do nothing about it, you think you will be ok its just a bug, but its not just a bug its Cancer.

People every day suffer from Cancer. It not only effects just them it effects there family and friends too.

The cause of Cancer is when normal blood cell development is interrupted, and your blood cells form a different shape.

Having Cancer can harshly effect your body. To treat it you have to go through many different types of therapy.

Being able to be positive and persevere is a big key in recovering this bad disease.


How you get and can fight Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is hard to live with when all you can think about is if you will be able to take another breath of air before your lungs give up on you. The reason you may have Lung Cancer is because there is a problem with your chest. You begin to have a fluid that lines your chest. There are many solutions that send you on to good recovery. Many people choose to have Chemo Therapy, which is treated by taking a lot of medicine. You can also get surgery and radiation therapy to get cured or treated fast.


Cancer. VS . other diseases

Every year 56 million people die each year 8 million of those people, are people that have died because of Cancer. 3.4 million people die each year because of diabetes, 4.6 million less than Cancer. Cancer is a very serious disease that take many lives. Persevering through Cancer is a very hard thing to do, painful treatments and many days in the hospital is hard for all.


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