Brave americans honored

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Three americans heros

Three americans and one briton who prevented an attack on a croweded train in France have been awarded that contrys highest honor for their bravery.French president francois hollande presented each,man with a legion of honer medal at the Elysee palace in paris on monday morning.'the entire word adimires your couage your sangfroid,your spirit of solidarity' mr.hollande said' this is allowed you to with bare hards-your bare hands-subdue an armed man.this must be an example for all and a source of inspiration.

the worlds heroes

save the day

while many peolpe may consider these otherwise ordinary men heroes, sadler said that he and his two friends hope that people choose to focus on the lessons that people choose to focus on the lessons that can learned form his ordeal."hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything," sadler told the AP.