Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2

"Slaked Lime"

An ingredient in Whitewash, mortar and plaster. To fill the root canal for the first stage of endodontic therapy. An Alkali used as a lye substitute in a no lye hair relaxers.

Chemical and physical properties

Melting point 580 degrees Celsius. White Crystals or powder and odorless. Molar Mass 74.09268 g/mol.

Fun Facts

Calcium hydroxide is a very powerful flocculant so it is an important part of sewage and water treatment. It is efficient in removing all different sorts of particles from the water. It is very efficient, it is not toxic and it comes at a fairly low price. It also raises the pH of fresh water in order to prevent the corrosion of the pipes, because it is one of the self regulating substances. Calcium hydroxide is also an important component of the so called Kraft process which is used in the paper industry for the production of another substance called sodium hydroxide