Roman name - Apollo

Greek god of music, the prophecy, healing, archery, and the protection of youth.
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  • A bow and arrow
  • The lyre
  • A raven
  • rays of light radiation from his head
  • A wreath
  • A branch


  • Devoted- He was very devoted to his mother because Hera tried killing her and raping her once, and Apollo and Artemis saved her a many times. He was protective over his mother.
  • Caring- He was caring because he taught men the art of healing others.
  • Controlling-He was like a mouse, a mouse carried the plaque with itself just like Apollo. Apollo could give it to anyone or remove it, he controlled the population.





First love-Daphne


  • Musically talented-He invented the lute
  • Very good at playing the lyre
  • Ability to see into the future, he has a temple at Delphi, it was a famous oracle. People went there to see their future.


  • He could lose his temper very easily at others.
  • Get into trouble for a lot of things.
  • Beautiful women because he is known for cheating and flirting.

Interesting facts

  • He was a Olympian God.
  • He was the most spiritual and intellectual Olympian god.
  • He is known as " Letos son"


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