Makayla Gertken

5 Themes of Meography


1. Absolute Location: The specific location. latitude and longitude. 45.6092° N, 94.4517° W

2. Relative Location: The approximate location. I live 5 miles out of Albany right between Avon and Albany.

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An area defined with every thing in it.

1. Human Characteristic: What has been put in place by humans.

2.Physical Characteristic: Natural features.

5 physical features of my home I live in the country there are many fields,trees, ponds, plants, and animals. These are all physical features because they are not man made.

5 Human features of my home we have a barn,garage ,corn bin, pol barn,and also a steer barn. These are human features because my family living and deceased put the buildings.

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Human Environmental Interaction

How people adapt, modify, and depend on the Environment.

1. Adapt: To make suitable for new use or purpose.

2. Modify: To make partial or minor changes to something.

3. Depend : To rely in support or maintenance.

I adapt to the winter by wearing big heavy coats.

I modify the environment by planting crops.

I depend on the environment for food.

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Adapting to enviornment
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modifying the environment
depending on the environment


The way people , products,ideas ,and information move from place to place.

1. Transportation: Busses, cars ,trucks, trains,and plains.

2. Goods: Shirts, food ,pencils

3. communication: Phone calls and texting.

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My Duluth trip


An area that is defined by certain similar and unifying charectistics.

Physical :many lakes and fields.

Human: Go ice fishing

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