Lion around

Keeping Africa's lions safe

Help Beads for wildlife reduce competition for food

Lion around aims to raise awareness for Beads for wildlife so that they can reduce the amount of animals that Africans rely on for survival, in turn there will be a more natural order in which lions wont have as much of their food taken away as livestock for humans.

Lion around is an informal barbecue event in which you can buy any meat for $5 and all proceeds will go towards helping Beads for wildlife.

Lion around Barbecue

Sunday, Dec. 20th, 5pm

Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, VIC


All proceeds from the barbecue will be donated to Beads for Wildlife. As well as raising awareness, Lion around is hoping to raise around $2000 to help make a difference. Food orders will begin to be taken at 5:00pm and we are hoping to get people to take the time to come and help us promote Beads for wildlife, so that the lions in Africa can have better lives.


Lion around aims to raise awareness and funds for Beads for wildlife to help preserve the natural way of life for lions in Africa.
We want to get people involved in helping and establish support networks within the Melbourne community.
We will also have donation boxes during the event so people can contribute more than the $5 for food if they wish.