Influences On Food Choices

By; Aaliyah Armstrong

Food I Eat for Physical Needs !

I tend to eat; fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, sometimes bananas, strawberries/any berries, and peaches) veggies (broccoli, green beans, carrots, corn, and lettuce) salads, and i usually drink A LOT of water (sometimes lemon water)

Food I Eat for Psychological Needs

When I am in the mood for certain things i usually eat; fruit (ones listed above) candy because when i'm in a happy mood I always want something sweet! I always crave panda express...

Just Pictures of Meals I Would Usually Eat

Food Can Be Anyone's Best friend :))

My Personal Food Favorites

My favorite foods would HAVE to be; fruit (what a shocker!) pizza, quesadillas noodles, and for some reason I only like the smell of watermelon because when I eat them I get headaches, because i'm just weird like that!

What Food Do Eat On Certain Occasions?

The foods I eat when they are in stock for the season or something depends on which season it is;

Winter/Fall- cinnamon, peppermint, chocolate stuff, and for drinks it would be hot drinks like coffees, lattes, (same difference) and tea !

Spring/Summer- LOADS OF FRUIT because that's when the fruit are the best ! Especially during the spring! Noodles a lot in the summer because if we don't have food we at least have noodles/ or a sandwich. And drinks, usually water, sprite or normal/pink lemonade !!

When I'm With Friends

If in with my friends or out in public I usually get subway or something quick like a snack wrap from McDonald's, but if i'm at the movies i get popcorn and either m&ms or sour patch kids/sour watermelons (yeah I can eat these watermelons)

Social Events/ My Culture

I don't really HAVE a culture or but I do have a tradition, and that is; EVERY thanksgiving my mom, brother, and I have to cook black eyes peas with our dinner and eat them because of this joke my mom always told us when we were younger which was "Eat these black eyes peas so you don't ever get a black eye!" and we always ate up our peas so we wouldn't get black eyes !