The Charger Connection

October 26, 2016 vol. 3 issue 3

Important Information

Central is a Title-I School. Parents of students in Title 1 schools have the right to know the status of their child’s teacher(s) in relation to being Highly Qualified.

Office Hours

Central's office hours are 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. No one is available to receive calls before or after this time. If you have an emergency after 3:00, please call the district's switchboard at 478-765-8711.

Parent Visitation Policy

State law requires that all persons visiting the school at any time and for any reason MUST report to the office to receive a visitors’ pass before entering a classroom. Visitors are required to show identification to the office staff. This is not to discourage visitation, but is a safety measure. Forgotten books, assignments, lunches, etc., may be left at the office for delivery to the classroom. If you desire to visit a classroom, we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance, so that arrangements can be made with staff. All classroom visitors must be escorted by a school staff member.

Attendance Information

Parents/Guardians...we are experiencing an inordinate number of students reporting to school well after the 7:30 start time. Please understand that students will not be allowed to go to class if they arrive to school more than 25 minutes late and are not accompanied by a parent/guardian, or have a valid excuse (court, medical, etc). All students simply walking into the building will be required to spend the remainder of the period in Administrative Time Out. This information has been clearly communicated to students, and is in the student handbook.

AWOL Policy

Students are considered AWOL when they are absent from school or class without permission. This could mean that a student has skipped an entire class period, are more than 10 minutes late to class without an excused pass, or left class without the permission of their teacher. The consequences for these actions are included in the student handbook, and are outlined below.

Consequences for AWOLs

· 1st infraction – Principal’s Detention

· 2nd infraction – Saturday School

· 3rd infraction – Parental Suspension

· 4th infraction – ½ Day Assignment to Accountability Room

· 5th infraction – Full Day Assignment to Accountability Room

· 6th infraction – 2 Day Assignment to Accountability Room

· 7th infraction – 1 Day Out of School Suspension

· 8th infraction – 2 Day Out of School Suspension

· 9 & Subsequent – Pattern Repeats

Tardy procedures:

All students have 5 minutes to move from class to class. Transition music is provided that serves as a cue for the impending ringing of the tardy bell. All students are expected to be in class before the ringing of the tardy bell. At the ringing of the tardy bell, teachers will close their doors and students will be required to report to the designated location (courtyard door) to retrieve a tardy pass. Students will have 5 minutes to secure a tardy pass from the check-in location. After 5 minutes have elapsed, students will not be allowed to retrieve a tardy pass. Upon receiving the tardy pass, students are expected to report directly to class. If a student reports to class more than 5 minutes after the tardy pass has been issued, they will be considered AWOL, and a referral will be made to an administrator for consequences. The consequences for violating the tardy accountability procedures are below.

Tardy Accountability Consequences:

1st offense- warning

2nd offense- Level I or II consequence will be administered along with parental contact

3rd offense- Level I or II consequence will be administered along with parental contact

4th offense- Level III (parental suspension)

5th or more- referral to administrative team for consequences

College of the Month

Our College of the Month for November is Mississippi State University. Mississippi State is located in Starkesville, MS and is about 370 miles (5 hours, 37 minutes) from Macon. Some of the majors include: Engineering, Business, Architecture, Art & Design, and a variety of Pre-Professional programs in Optometry, Ministry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Studies, and Dental Studies.

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PBIS Update

This school year we will not utilize the Cube bucks for our Positive Behavior Incentive Supports (PBIS) rewards. Instead we will utilize ClassDojo. Students can earn Dojos by being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. Any staff member at Central can give students a Dojo. Students will be able to redeem their Dojos at the school store school events or celebrations, and more.

Why ClassDoJo?

1. Create a positive culture - Teachers can encourage students for any skill or value — whether it's working hard, being kind, helping others or something else.

2. Give students a voice, with digital portfolios - Student Stories are student-led digital portfolios. Students can add pictures and videos of work to their Story, and share it with parents.

3. Share a digital high-five - Encourages Central High students to be respectful, responsible, and ready.

We are asking that all parents join the Central High School - Chargers ClassDojo. Please support this effort by visiting the website to join our school-wide class. We look forward to you building a more positive

What is ClassDojo Messaging?

ClassDojo Messaging is a wonderful, instant, and safe way for a teacher and a parent to privately communicate with each other. Parents and teachers can read and respond to messages from the website, or from the mobile app. In addition to sending messages, teachers are also able to send photos, stickers, and voice notes to parents. Currently, parents can only respond with written messages. The content of all messages (including photos, stickers and voice notes) are stored by ClassDojo.

All messages are sent within the ClassDojo service, are encrypted (sent over HTTPS using 128-bit TLS), and do not employ SMS. When a teacher or parent receives a message, they will be notified with an email and/or a push notification on their phone. They must then log into their account to view the message and respond to it.

Many school districts require that all communications between teachers and parents are documented for safety and/or compliance reasons. Thus, ClassDojo messages cannot be deleted by either the teacher or the parent.

Learn all about ClassDojo ♥

PBIS Pep Rally

We will have a PBIS Pep Rally Friday October 28. In order to attend students must meet the eligibility criteria. They may have no more than two tardies to class, and no Out of School Suspension events, or Accountability Room Assignments.

Honor Roll Breakfast

Students making the A/B Honor Roll were treated to breakfast in recognition of their hard work. These students have truly led in the classroom.
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Athletic News

The Chargers will take on Westside Friday night at Henderson Stadium. Game time is 7:30. Tickets can be purchased at school for $7, or at the gate for $10.

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Student Opportunities

The Bibb County School District Technology Fair will be held on Saturday February 4, 2017 at Westside High School. This event will showcase the exceptional talents of our students and give the District level first place winners the opportunity to compete at the state level in the Georgia Educational Technology Fair to be held in March 2017. Projects for each category must be unique and cannot be entered in more than one category. Students may participate in 1 project. Projects are to be designed and created by students. Some adult guidance is allowed, but it must be clear that all work entered by students was done by the students. A document will be filled out by students which will answer a few questions for the judges and will cite non-student produced material used in the project. Individual and teams will compete together. Teams can be made up of not more than two students and they will compete in the highest grade level division. The grade level category divisions are as follows: Grades 9-10 Grades 11-12 The school technology fair will take place by November 16, 2016. Any student interested in participating in the technology fair, please stop by the Central High School media center. Visit for more details about categories.

Scholarship Opportunities

University of North Georgia:

Tom Joyner Foundation:

The FAFSA is available. Get your FAFSA ID now to avoid any delays.

FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents

What's Happening at C's House

Oct. 26 Half Day for Students 7:30 - 10:30

Oct. 28 PBIS Pep Rally

Central vs Westside 7:30 (Henderson Stadium)

Nov. 1 Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition Begins

Nov. 8 School Council Meeting 9:00 (Principal' s Conference Room)

Nov. 9 Seniors 1st Cap and Gown Orders

Nov. 10 Veteran's Day Concert 4:00 (Auditorium)

Nov. 10 Junior Parent Night

Nov. 11 Veteran's Day Holiday (No School)

Meet the Teacher: Robert Smith

Mr. Robert Smith is from Warner Robins, GA. He is a graduate of Warner Robins High School. His college education includes Columbus State University, Georgia College and State University and the University of Georgia. Mr. Smith graduated with his Ed.S. from UGA in Summer of 2015. He has worked as an educator in Marion, Carroll and Laurens Counties. He has worked at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, GA as well.

Mr. Smith is an avid musician having played with Columbus, Macon, LaGrange and Albany Symphonies. As a musician, he has had the pleasure of performing at many jazz festivals in Europe. These include the Northsea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, Euro-Disney in France and the Montrieux Jazz Festival in Switzerland to name a few. Music has been a constant in his life.

At home, Mr. Smith relaxes by reading, cooking, watching movies, performing jazz trumpet and playing golf. He also enjoys the finer aspects of target shooting. He is currently reading “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff. His favorite movies are from the “The Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” series. Mr. Smith is married to his wife, Karen Smith and they have one fur baby, T.B.

A recent convert to the world of teaching special education, Mr. Smith is glad to have found a home here at Central High School near his family.

Junior Parent Night

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 5:30-6:30pm

2155 Napier Avenue

Macon, GA

Please join us for Junior Parent Night. We will have a representatives from Wesleyan, Central Georgia Technical College, and Hutchings College and Career Academy sharing information about Dual Enrollment, as well at the Georgia Student Finance Commission with tips on financing college.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.