Much Ado About Nothing

Nolan Kozlovsky


Hero: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has been chosen to play the part of hero. This is the perfect role for her because she can be a passive character. Hero's role must be a quiet, almost background, character and Kristen would be perfect.

Benedick: Jack Black

I have chosen Jack Black to play the part of Benedick. Mr. Black's humor and acting style is perfect for the role of Benedick. He has the skills to sound witty and smart with his ability to spit out words at a high velocity.

Don John: Ralph Fiennes

In "Much Ado About Nothing" Don John is the antagonist of the story. I have chosen Ralph Fiennes to play the part of Don John. While examining Mr. Fiennes' resume I could see his potential for the part based off his role as Voldemort in the hit movie series. "Harry Potter".


Claudio falls in love with Hero

Claudio falling in love with Hero is the first major event in the play. This sets up many of the conflicts for the remainder of the play as Don John is opposed to this and wants to see their relations fail. Don John's evil schemes are directly related to the instant Claudio falls in love with Hero giving it the first big event in the play.

Hero is shamed at the wedding

The second large event that takes place in the play is during Claudio and Hero's wedding. Claudio is tricked into thinking that Hero was canoodling with Barachio. Following this he appears at his wedding, accuses Hero of being unfaithful, and then leaves. This is very important because it is the greatest conflict of the story.
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Hero is reborn

After the truth about Hero's innocence is revealed Claudio believes that he is going to have to marry Hero's doppelganger cousin. When the ceremony commences it is reveled to Claudio that Hero is alive and he can marry her. This is a big event of the story because it is the resolution of the story where everyone has a happy ending
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A major theme of this play is the value of being humble. There are multiple examples within this play where the theme is shown where characters lose their humility and end up paying for it. The first individual who experiences this is Barachio. He is overheard bragging about his evil scheme to break up the wedding of Claudio and Hero and ends up being put on trial for it. Another character who experiences this is Don John. At the start of the play he is not content with what he has and seeks the misfortune of others. At the end of the story Don John pays the price when he is caught and punished.
Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind (Official Video)