carolina northern flying squirrel

Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus -- Endangered

physical characteristics

Northern flying squirrels have bright cinnamon brown colored fu, gray fur around the face and the end of the tail, and 2 colors of fur on the belly that is gray at the base and white at the end of each hair. This squirrel’s most distinctive feature is the cape of loose skin that stretches from its wrists to its ankles and forms the membrane on which it glides. The squirrel has a long, flat, furred tail.


The northern flying squirrel inhabits the cool, wet forests of North Carolina’s highest mountains

Why Its Endangered

no clue...

How You Can Help

Do not disturb flying squirrel nests or nest boxes. Contact a licensed professional if you encounter a flying squirrel in your residence. Join a conservation organization to remain updated on current population distributions and conservation efforts. Educate yourself and others regarding flying squirrel biology, distribution and conservation. Donate to the N. C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund.

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