2000s Out East

Tanner Von Ruden


George W. Bush held the office of president for most of this decade. In his time he declared War on Terror, helped reform in Iraq after capturing Saddam Hussein, and negotiated with other Middle East Countries.


No Child Left Behind is the biggest impact for the nations education system. This is still hurting the nation even though the intentions were good. Instead of getting everyone to a higher standard we have lowered them. Schools now require common core standards to battle this drop.

War and Defense

Conflict of the 2000s was in the Middle East. In 2003 the war in Iraq began. This conflict took up the majority of the occupation of troops, but the U.S. still held military power in many countries in this decade. However the biggest event in the 2000s is 9/11/2001 when America was attacked on our own soil. This led to the War on Terror.

Destruction in Iraq during the early parts of the War.


The Ipod was invented and is now seen throughout the world. Sony introduced the Playstation series in early 2000 as well. Both of these have come a long way since the first ever. Possible the biggest part created in the 2000s is Youtube in 2005.


Among the top songs of the 2000s are Amazed by Lonestar, and How You Remind Me by Nickelback. Among the top movies of the decade is Mission: Impossible II.


The 2000s was a combination of fashions. People wore classics, trending things. Really whatever they felt. Men wore jeans and a T-shirt. Women wore fashionable shoes and boots, skirts and shorter shorts. Hair styles for boys were commonly trimmed shorter and a flat top. Women trended themselves in curls.

Cost of Living

Gas was $2.16 a gallon. The average family wage was 57,289 in the 2000s. Many people feared the prices of everything would rise and the countries economy started to tank. This lead to a recession. Gas prices also dramatically rose in just a few short years.