Katie Kovar

The first person to have polio

Walter Scott was the first person to have polio. He grew up as a runner. But when he got polio he wouldn't even walk. he got polio in 1771. Walter suffered every day. But after a while his health regained. the vaccine helped him. Dr. Jonas Edward Salk.

history of polio

Polio is a very fast spread disease.almost all of the countries were infected until the vaccine was created.the vaccine was created by Dr. Jonas Edward Salk. now there are only three countries in the world that have it.

History of people who had polio

Eileen Grubba was an actress in Arkansas, Constance Foore was a vocalist in Missouri, Shelly Mann was an Olympic swimmer for the united states, Wah Ming Chang was a Chinese artist he also is a designer and sculptural.

how polio is being eliminated

the virus was eliminated by a vaccine in the 1950,s. once the vaccine was invented polio had less infected people. only three countries are infected now. Dr. Jonas Edward Salk was the inventor of the vaccine.

history of the vaccine

the vaccine was invented in 1948. the vaccine was proven that it works in 1952. they started using it on the children and patients in 1953.

how many cases

in 1988 there were 35000 cases, but now there are only 407 cases. now 80% of the world is polio free.

where polio started

polio started in Europe and the united states. but from Europe it spread to Asia, Africa, South america.
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how people felt

in 1960 people were terrified. they were scared because they didn,t know how to prevent this disease. in 2001 people were happy cause the vaccine was working.
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the prevention

the prevention is a vaccine. the vaccine has been used for years now. they still use the vaccine to this day. the cause of polio is exposure to the polio virus.

the spread and cure

the spread of polio is unclean water, feces, food, and direct contact.

the cures are

  • bed rest
  • pain reliever
  • portable ventilator to assist your breathing
  • moderate exercise
  • nutritious diet

organs infected

there are three organs infected by polio

  1. brain
  2. muscle system
  3. bone system

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polio is a high infectious disease. it mainly infects children.

in 1988 there were 125 countries infected.

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