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From the Superintendent of Schools

November is a time for food, family, and fun! From coding to creating, making to molding, learning to listening, we have had two months of superb learning!! Our schools are offering a widely diverse curriculum that is highly differentiated to meet the needs of all students. We look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming conferences this month, and hope you enjoy the time off to celebrate both our Veterans and families.

Yours In Education,

Jay Eitner, Superintendent of Schools

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WTSD -- Proud to Observe National Bullying Prevention Month

According to a 2015 study by the National Center for Educational Statistics, one out of every four students report being bullied during the school year. The fourth-grade students at Waterford Elementary decided to come together this month to promote the message that bullying and school violence would not be tolerated.

During the 'Week of Respect', fourth-grade students requested that all WES students sign their name to the “WALL OF RESPECT.” By signing their name, students made a commitment to stand up against bullying. They pledged to make our school community one where all students feel safe, accepted, valued and respected regardless of their differences.

Again fourth graders showed their WTSD pride by rallying the school together during 'School Violence and Vandalism Week'. This event invited staff and students to participate in a daily activity to spread the word that violence would not be condoned.

Mrs. Manna encouraged students to wear orange on “Unity Day”. Unity Day promoted one great message of support, hope, and unity against bullying. Students “Gave Violence the Boot” in Mrs. DeNafo’s class, while Miss Knoll joined Miss Amendolia’s class in wearing crazy socks on “Sock it to Violence Day". The students in Mrs. Stephan’s class were quite comfy on “Violence Free is No Sweat Day", and everyone “Teamed Up Against Violence” by wearing their favorite team jerseys in Mrs. Agonton's class.
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Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 7:30pm

1106 Old White Horse Pike


The regular November BOE meeting will take place at 7:30 in the Waterford Elementary School's cafeteria.

Waterford Schools have been accepted into InnovateNJ!

The Waterford Township School District has been accepted into the InnovateNJ cohort! InnovateNJ is New Jersey’s initiative to support innovation and practice by fostering sharing and collaboration, cultivating projects, and convening practitioners and partners. InnovateNJ will help facilitate next-generation instructional practices that will promote and heighten the college and career-readiness levels of our students. The New Jersey Department of Education Office of Innovation launched the InnovateNJ Community initiative and website in 2014. This initiative is part of the Department’s goal to support schools and districts in the exploration and implementation of innovative instructional practices and programs.
Waterford Township is one of several school districts that have demonstrated significant efforts in improving the learning experiences and outcomes through the use of innovative next generation models of instruction that are student-centered and promote college and career-readiness. The InnovateNJ Community members were selected from a group of districts and charter schools who responded to the InnovateNJ Community application and were able to articulate a strategic vision. That vision incorporates innovation and demonstrated a capacity to implement their vision and a commitment to the work of the Community.
More information on the InnovateNJ Community and other innovation initiatives can be found on the New Jersey Department of Education website at You can see a preview of what the program entails by clicking on the video below.
InnovateNJ Video - LAC

What's Happening at Atco?

Atco Elementary School kicked off October with the 'Week of Respect'. From crazy socks, to booting out bullies, and supporting our favorite sports teams, the students of Atco enthusiastically participated in many bucket-filler festivities. We concluded the week with a “happy” dance. If you have not had an opportunity to view the video and need to recharge your batteries, be sure to watch our happy dance video. I am sure it will make you smile.

In academics, our first-grade students are reviewing short vowel sounds and word families in English Language Arts and the communitive property of addition, missing addends, and adding on in Mathematics. Our kindergarten students are learning the concepts of 'fewer', 'more', and 'the same' using numbers up to five. Students are also beginning to identify the parts of a book. Our classrooms provide many opportunities for our children to engage in the learning process through a variety of learning modalities.

Over at TR...

Students at Thomas Richards Elementary had a great October! We recognized the 'Week of Respect' with an array of activities which promoted respect for our peers and our school. TR welcomed Mr. Jim Jordan for a fun and energetic assembly which taught students the difference between conflict and bullying. Mr. Jordan is a magician and entertainer who did an excellent job engaging our children during the assembly. Our teachers are working hard to structure their classrooms to meet individual student needs and have started to wrap up the first round of leveling. We are looking forward to the start of November. Be sure to stay tuned as we have some great events planned for November!!
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October has been a very busy month for those at our Waterford Elementary School! In media classes, students recognized the 'Week of Respect' and 'Violence Prevention Week' by creating and presenting Google Slide presentations on cyber-bullying. The Google Slides focused on signs of cyber-bullying and how they can stop it if it occurs. Students in Mrs. Bozzuffi's art classes used clay to make ceramic pots and free standing animals. Mr. Bittner's EAGLE students are currently researching historical figures and learning their roles as they prepare for their living wax museum performance. Mr. Ambroselli’s class will be having a “volcano celebration”, where they will explode their volcanoes and present an oral report on their research. Finally, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Parker are tracking hurricanes and plotting them on grid paper. We can't wait to see what November brings!

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