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December Newsletter

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Welcome to our new members!!

  • Logan Ryan
  • Nestor Gonzalez-Pereyra
  • Timothy Medlock
  • Doug Bauman
  • Joshua Glass
  • Elyse Salamon

Attention new members....

We have been transitioning some roles within our board. If you have paid your dues and not received your team shirt yet, please email me at with the size you want and the location you swim. We will make sure to get it to you.

Thank you for joining our team and we are very excited to have you!! The best way to improve and be the best you can in the water is to get to practice and meet people. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing and can be a great motivator. Join us at our social events.....don't be afraid to swim in meets (its no different then me entering a running race, trust me) and try out our different coaches and workout times if you can.

Palmetto Masters Team Holiday Party

Sunday, Dec. 21st, 2pm

786 Olde Central Way 29464

Steve Savage has opened his house for the team party! It's going to be an oyster roast, so bring your gloves, your own beverages if you wish to consume them, and a side dish to share.....but most important....your own first aide supplies!! Please RSVP below before December 10th.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

2015 Palmetto Masters/USMS Registration is Underway!!

It's time to renew your yearly memberships.

1) Renew with USMS- see link below

2) Jennifer Cranny (Team Registrar) will bill your credit card on file for the team dues.

If you do not have a credit card on file, she will contact you by email about paying your team dues. You can enter a credit card by going to the team website (see link below) and updating your information. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Jennifer at

We have some membership swag on the way!! Look for it soon!!

Taking orders now!!!

Are you interested in getting personalized Palmetto Masters swim caps for the championship meet in February? Email Cathy at with the name you would like on the cap (2 cap minimum). The cost will be approximately $5 per cap with a 2 cap minimum.
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Congratulations to Palmetto Masters-Top 10 National Rankings are out!!!

Short Course Yards

  • Stacey Bruce (1)
  • Erin Moro (1)
  • Dana Brown (7)
  • Brandon Rattigan (1)
  • Dominic Capocelli (1)
  • Matt Maurer (2)
  • Mark Rutledge (2)
  • Jay Brzezinski (1)

* number indicates how many Top 10 events they own

Long Course Meters

  • Anna Freeman (2)
  • Erin Moro (6)
  • Kari Yocum (5)
  • Jamie Wilson (1)
  • Ebby deHerder (3)
  • Mike Malik (3)
  • Chris McCool (2)
  • Jay Brzezinski (3)

* number indicates how many Top 10 events they own

Palmetto Masters had 20 relays in the Top 10 National Rankings for USMS LCM!!!

In addition to the above folks relays also included:

  • Billy Buck
  • Sean Casto
  • April Phillips
  • Jenny Pullium
  • Rachael Giblin
  • Anna Holland
  • Cathy Hallman-Kenner
  • Travis Garrison
  • Jim Near

WOW!! nearly 20% of our team made the National Top 10 List!!! Click below to see the details and search for more results

Get your team parka today!!

Order the TYR royal blue parka and then contact Michelle Scherer at for the team logo and name embroidering. The cost is $25.00 for the embroidery and it's beautiful!!

A bunch of turkeys had a great workout on Thanksgiving Day at LTP!!

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Palmetto Giving Back!!

Long after the Growler Invitational, Dicks Sporting Goods sent us coupons and gift certificates for our meet. Unfortunately, they had expiration dates on them so the decision was made to donate them to the local age group teams!!

Mount Pleasant Swim Club and LTP Swimming were given books of discount coupons for their kids to use at Dicks.

SMRT Swimming (age group team) was given books of discount coupons and (3) $50.00 gift certificates for several of their "Scholarship" kids to use. The scholarship kids are those who qualify for financial assistance with swim fees and USA swimming.

All were very thankful for our donations!

Meeting Famous People in San Diego!

Christmas Eve Kill Set!!

Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 5:30am

1513 Mathis Ferry Rd

Mt Pleasant, SC

100 x 100's Come ready to swim your tails off!!

Update from Nepal


I hope all has been well with my friends from Palmetto Masters. It is great to follow along on what is happening with everyone through FB.

**Rats** First on the lighter side :) Indiana Jones hates snakes, but I found out I hate rats.

During a trekking trip to the villages, one place we stayed for 2 nights had rats. I heard them scurrying around above me while I slept at night. It freaked me out. I buried myself in my sleeping bag, hid, and hoped the rats would not come down and crawl on me. Thankfully none of them did and I survived.

**Dahl Bat** This is a traditional Nepali meal which is rice, lentils, fried greens/spinach, and curried potatoes. Nepali people eat the same thing every day - often 2x a day. While trekking, I learned this was quite challenging for me. Although we did not eat it every day, we did eat it a lot. Very glad I had some Cliff Bars (that I brought with me from the States) to eat along the way.

**New place to live** After living in the Guest House for 6 weeks - single room, shared bath & kitchen, I reached my comfort-level limit and needed a place to call my own home. In an amazing way, a wonderful furnished place came about for me to rent until I leave. It is far-and-above all I could ask or imagine - great location, furnished, very good price, etc. Lots of windows for sunlight that will be very helpful during the winter since there is not central heating here and electricity is only on for certain hours each day.

**English classes** Finding a place to live definitely took time out of my schedule for about 1 week. Now I'll be busier with English classes. I'll be teaching 8 different classes for Mt. Child a week. A couple of times I've stayed late after class to play volleyball with the students. Most students are in the 18-28 years old range, but a few are older.

I've seen how my teacher certification for English as a 2nd language can open a lot of doors here in Nepal for helping people, other organizations have asked for my time & help. Although I cannot visit these places on a regular weekly basis, I'm hoping to help with special activities. I'm still riding a bicycle to get to places, which has been fine for now. Sometimes being on a bike actually makes it easier to navigate through the busy traffic. I may try scooter lessons in a couple of weeks.

**Nepali Language classes** I have classes 6 hours a week and about 6 hours of homework. I am blessed with a great teacher, he is really a personal tutor as it is just me in the class.

**Downton Abbey** For those who also watch the show, a nice surprise is I've learned how to watch it from Nepal. The new season is currently on in UK, but it will not be available in the States until sometime in January 2015.

Take care,


SCY State Championships- SAVE THE DATE!!! We need to defend our state title!!

Friday, Feb. 20th 2015 at 5pm to Sunday, Feb. 22nd 2015 at 5pm

1100 2nd Ave S

North Myrtle Bch, SC

Hotel Information for Avista Resort call 1-877-238-4487 for reservations 7:00 AM EST – 12:00 AM EST 7 days a week and ask for the GROUP CODE: 1959880

Save the Date for Spring Nationals in San Antonio!!

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Happy Holidays to all from Coach DJ Doug!!

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Thanks to our sponsors!!!