The Digestive System

By Elle Pinto and Ori Epstein

Functions of the Digestive System

Stomach. The stomach functions by beginning the digestion. Enzymes and gastric juices break down the food into small pieces. Food stays in the stomach for about 4 hours.

Small intestines. Special chemicals' from the liver and pancreas mix with juices from the small intestines and complete the break down. Nutrients are then absorbed through the walls of the small intestines. It takes about 12 hours for food to pass through the small intestines.

Large intestines. Water is removed from any undigested food. Wastes are stored until they are eliminated. Leftover bits leave the system as solid waste.

How The Digestive System Works With The Excretory System

  • The Digestive system works with the Excretory system
  • They exit the body at around the same place, but from different places
  • They both begin via the mouth
  • They both have wastes
  • They both can have harmful diseases

What Can Go Wrong?

  • If you eat something dangerous like elastics you might need to have surgery.
  • Colon or liver cancer
  • Cancer
  • Gastric flu