Latin American Music

History of Bachata

Bachata is a genre of Latin Music that first originated in the Dominican Republic.

The term bachata, originally referred to an informal rustic party, the term first applied to music by those seeking to disparage it. The genre mixed the latin american style called bolero with more African elements.

Characteristics Of Bachata

A typical bachata group consists of five instruments; a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, bongos and guira.

To dance bachata there is no special costume or clothes to wear! you wear whatever feels best for you.

Some of the most famous artist associated with bachata as of 2016: Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Aventura, Xtreme and more!

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Connection to the dances of Bachata

Bachata the dance utilizes a cuban hip motion and the bachata pop focused primarily on the connection based on light pushing and pulling, bachata's connection communicates in the direction of the dance and can signal upcoming moves.

Bachata TODAY!

Bachata is popular is most Spanish speaking countries

Most famous bachata artist: Romeo Santos