Voyageurs National Park

By: Radhika Patel

Trip Planning

2 People

For 4 days

9 h 15 min flight

Going during Summer time


The Blue Ash Bay Trail-, popular among snowshoers, is a two and half mile roundtrip that starts near the Beaver Pond Overlook on the north side of Sullivan Bay.

The Kab-Ash Trail- For experienced cross-country skiers is popular. The trail offers nearly 30 ungroomed miles to explore. Many sections of the trail are remote and challenging, so skiers are advised to be well-prepared with a map of the trail.

  • During summertime, the park’s interconnected waterways, a defining feature of the park, allow visitors to explore the region by boat as the voyageurs once did.
  • Months of June through August, the National Park Service provides many guided boat tours.

    The Kettle Falls Cruise on Kabetogama Lake takes visitors on a voyage to the Kettle Falls Hotel and dam. Visitors get two hours of land time to explore the area, dine at the hotel or picnic. The Kettle Falls Hotel is the only lodging available in the park outside of campsites.


- Light weight sneakers for camp grounds

-Water shoes , rubber boots for water activities(waterproof shoes)

- Tight clothing should be avoided and flimsy footwear like flip flops


-One long sleeves loose fitting shoes

-Sturdy loose trousers

or lightweight trousers

-Baseball cap size hat


-Light weight two piece rain gear

-Windbreaker if its windy

- Towels


4 Major Equipments with Costs

-Tent for 2- can vary from $30-$50 but our tent is around $35

-Canoe- $855

- 2 Sleeping bags- $32.99 x 2

-Gasoline cooking stove and gasoline: one gallon is enough for 4 days- Coleman Guide Series Compact Dual Fuel Stove -$68.51

- 2 Sleeping bags

-Fishing gear

- Plastic tarp


- First Aid Kit


- Smores


-Little Snacks

-Breakfast bars

-Frozen food that you can just reheat.

-Dehydrated foods

They have restaurants around the Park.


- Flight -$1,435

-Entrance fee is free

Small Campsite with 1 tent pad$10 one time per reservation call$18 per night

Day Use Rental Canoe or Rowboat$10 one time per reservation call$12 per day

So for 4 Nights it would be $72

Renting Canoe for 2 days $24

Overall Cost- 3,000-4,000