Water Usage and Conservation

Ways we can use and save water


An average person wastes 3 gallons per day. And that's 1095 gallons a year. 90% of the water that you sprinkle at plants are evaporated so that means that we should cut off 90% of the sprinkled water. A dish washer uses 8 to 12 gallons of water per load. A garden hose uses 6 to 9 gallons per through water leakage.


Ways we can save water

Don't stay in the shower for too long

Reduce time spent of brushing teeth in sink

Reuse water

Don't wash hands for too long

Does this help me (On you left this was before and after a drought)

Yes, It helps the Enviroment so, it basically helps you. If you want to not have a drought then save water and reuse as much water as you can. Remember, 1% of the world is freshwater. Keep that in mind when you save water. You are not doing for anybody, you are doing it to save yourself from a drought.