BE "Beautiful" with us on June 13!

Nia Routine Plearning with Creator, WInalee Zeeb!!

We are thrilled to welcome to our community, our friend, Nia Trainer & Black Belt, Winalee Zeeb!

2 Great Events!

1. Routine Plearning: Saturday, June 13

Limited Spots Remain -- please email Rosanne for availability.

Come explore the choreography and the magic for the routine "Beautiful" which WInalee created. (See below for her own words) We will PLAY + LEARN in PLEARNing Bliss!

2. Nia Class, Sunday, June 14
Spots still left!

Starts at 10:00 am

Come dance with Winalee at this special Sunday Nia class.

Class is 75 minutes.

$17. in advance, $20. at door

Register at Move2Joy

"Beautiful" Routine Plearning: New Location!

Saturday, June 13th, 11:15am-7:15pm

135 Commonwealth Avenue

Concord, MA

Please email Rosanne to inquire about availability

Event being held at:

Yoga & Nia for Life Studio.

W. Concord, MA


(Click on the "Beautiful" tab)

From Winalee:

"When Debbie asked me to create a routine using Jana Stanfield’s music, I immediately replied, “Yes!!” Dancing Nia to Jana’s music is a recipe for pleasurable living! Jana is a multi-platinum songwriter, and more importantly, her music inspires my heart. Her music conveys a message and it has always been medicine for my own healing journey. I am deeply honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to share this routine, Beautiful, with you. When you dance this routine, Jana and I hope that you will feel in your body, mind, spirit, and heart the sensation of “Yes!”– “Yes” to activating healing, purpose, potential, and possibility. My father always told me, “Be sure you have fun, Sugar.” My hope is, you, too, will have fun as you move, express, and connect to your HEARTist with Beautiful."

To learn more about Winalee, visit her awesome website below.