World War 1

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Letter from a reader.

31 July 1916

All of the readers,

My name is Tessa van Holsteijn and i am 30 years old.

My husband is broadcast to be a soldier in the world war 1. He is going to help the people there. I am very anxious and i hope that everything is going to be alright.

Because he is broadcasted, i have to take care of our children on my own. It is very hard to take care of 3 little children, who can’t take care voor themselves and each other.

He is away for at least 6 months en we hear from him every month. He is away now for 2 months and we are missing him very much.

I hope that the war stops soon and i hope that my husband is okay en that he will come back save. I’ll pray for him and all of the other soldiers who are fighting for us!

The war is very cruel and i hate it.

Yours faithfully,

Tessa van Holsteijn.

Help needed!!

31 july 1916

There are too many children to take care of and to many injured people! You can do something about that! We are looking for women who are very gentle and kind to children and are willing to help them with the things there parents normally do such as cooking, cleaning, playing and so much more! Also we need women wo are willing to help in the hospital. The job you are going to do is helping the injured people. The job is as a volunteer but the price u get back is love and love is worth everything!

Are you a woman over 18 years old and are you willing to help us? Than we are despirately looking for you! The help is needed!

The motive of the beginning of World War I

31 july 1916

It al started with countries that were connecting which led to an arms race. there just had to break off an argument and it could lead to a world war. This happend. On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz ferdinand visited Sarajevo (Bosnia). When he was driving trough the town there suddenly pops up a servien terrorist called Gavrillo Princip. Princip started shooting and killed Frans Ferdinand and his wife. A friend of Princips tryed to kill them earlier but failed to do so. He hitted the wrong car. In that car were 2 officers. When Ferdinand wanted to visit them, Princip took his chance and shot him down. just after his death Austria-Hungary asked a few requirements. Serbia did not agree with that and made their army ready for a fight. When Austria heard that, they declared war on Serbia. This was the official beginning of World War I.

Annabel, Danielle, Tessa

We are three women who are living in the middle of world war I! We are sick of it and hope it will end soon but untill then we have a newspaper about the things going on. and keep you informed about the war!