The Great Fereron

Truth Revieled

Fererons legend

Eons ago people all over the world were being killed mysteriously. Every day there was a woman, a baby, and a Man killed each day. This went on for months. Everyone had seen a dark shadowy figure, with an eerie look to it. This had to be the creature causing the disaster. One day the creature killed a whole town. The same day in the city of Pneonna, a woman was collecting water from the ocean when a white light burst through the sea, and flew in the air. She described it as a lizard with wings. After that happened. There were no deaths at all. Everyone believed that an angel was sent to protect them, but most believe it was a dragon. Which gave the name Fereron witch means protector

This is the story we hear in our fairy tale books. None know if Fereron actually exists. Over time there have been sightings of him and the proof is in despicable.

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In 1976 this photo was taken North of Louisa.

In 2001 the same figure appeared in South of the Mississippi River Valley

In 2002 Fereron was last seen in Virgina. There have been no sightings of him since.
The only way to see Fereron is if you create a connection. Fereron will connect to someone once they have made a connection with the Sky or the Ocean. Fereron has been known to choose people that can help him. You will know if he has chosen you when he enters your dreams. Once the connection is made he will appear in the most unusually ways. Like in paintings or figures. He gives the a magical feel so when you seen one you feel its special. After a couple of dreams with Fereron he will talk to you. Nobody knows what he says, but we believe he can tell the future and he knows more than anything on earth. Once he talks to you, you will start seeing him as your days goes. You will be the only one to see him, he is invisible to everyone else. You way talk with him and he will ask you to help him with something. If you help him you will be a dragon septice.
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Fereron is said to look like this. Also he is sometimes known as The Eyed White Dragon
Dragon caught on Camera
This is a video sighting of Fereron around 2011.