Tomahawk Essentials

May 16, 2016

Get the 411...Information at a Glance

Week at a Glimpse


Field Day

  • 9:00-10:00 ~K, 1, 4 ( 5th Graders Facilitate)
  • 10:00-11:00 ~2, 3, 5 (4th Graders Facilitate)
  • 1:00-2:00 ~K, 1, 4 ( 5th Graders Facilitate)
  • 2:00-3:00 ~2, 3, 5 (4th Graders Facilitate)


9:00 Talent Showcase Grades 2/3

1:30 Talent Showcase Grades 4/5


9:00-11:00 Awards Assembly

2:45 Autograph Party


9:00 Talent Finale

Friday: Teacher's Last Day

iPad End of the Year Information

When iPads are turned into the library please make sure they are charged. Why, you may ask? We have to do inventory and to do this we have to go into the settings of each iPad and check the serial #. When you are done with your iPads for the school year, feel free to send them down to the library.

Cubes-When you bring your cube to the library, please make sure to put your cords in a zip lock labeled with your name and current grade level inside the cube.

Apps- I am not sure how much the technology will be cleaning up/clearing off of the iPads but I would suggest that if you have Apps that you really like or want next year you should make note of that somewhere for safe keeping. If you want to email it to us that is fine, too. Next year the app loading is supposed to be different then this year but not sure how or when this will take place.


Beginning May 10, there will be several paper boxes for shred material from cumulative files on top of the extra desk in the workroom. In order to maximize the space available, please stack material to be shredded neatly in 2 piles in a box. These boxes will be sent to the district to be shred on May 20. Please let Kelli know if you have any questions.

Summer Conference Details

  • Arrive by 7:30 for best parking, no later than 7:45 to make it to your 8:00 session on time. Additional parking at CBAC, just west of ONW.
  • Lunch available onsite for $7.50.
  • Dress for variable temperatures in rooms.
  • Please bring items for our Food Drive.
  • All staff development points and college credit are based on your Signed Session Attendance Record. Be certain to fill one out.
  • We look forward to seeing you at the conference! Session descriptions are available on the district webpage. We hope you will attend as many sessions as your schedule allows. (You are not required to attend the entire conference. See information on district website about graduate credit

Building Calendar

If you have items for the 2016-2017 building calendar please send them to Cathy.

Upcoming May Calendar of Events

  • May 16th – Field Day
  • May 17th – Talent Showcase (Gr 1-3) (9-11am)
  • Talent Showcase (Gr 4-5) (1:30– 3pm)
  • May 18th – Kdg Last Day
  • Awards Assembly (9-11:15am)
  • Autograph Party (2:45- 3:30pm)
  • Clean out Desks and Lockers – send supplies home with students
  • May 19 – Last ½ Day of School Gr 1-5 Dismissal at 11:40am
  • Talent Show Finale (9-11:30am)
  • May 20th- Teacher Check Out Day

Fonts and Ideas for Next Year's Theme

Fonts and Ideas for next year’s theme

On the T drive, you will find a folder with Jungle/Vine-type FONTS to go along with next year’s theme. T:\TH\Fonts\Jungle Fonts . You’ll also find in that folder this sheet that shows you what the fonts look like.

A quick reminder on installing fonts: To install the fonts you need to highlight and copy the ones you want. Then go to Start Button, Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Fonts, then PASTE in the fonts. (be careful not to click on a font in the folder when trying to paste. You’ll need to click in between the fonts to be able to paste.) If there is just one or two you want, you can also just OPEN (click on) the Font in the folder and click INSTALL.

Also, here are a few websites that have ideas (also pinterest and teachers pay teachers have tons of ideas):

~Courtesy of Kelli Zuel

Let it G.L.O.W. ~ Generate Loads of Wonder

Weekly Wonders

Monday: Do all school's have a field day?

Tuesday: How many students will be in the talent show?

Wednesday: How many award certificates did Mrs. James sign?

Thursday: Who will my teacher be next year?