Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor

8A History Assignment

Infiltration of Upper Fort Gary

The Métis created the "Metis National Committee (MNC)" to defend their civilization. Louis Riel was first a secretary then later got promoted to the president of MNC. Louis Riel stopped the Canadian land Surveyors on October 11, 1869 and he restrained William McDougall from entering the Red River Settlement on November 2nd, 1869. Louis Riel on the same exact day, he infiltrated Upper Fort Garry. Riel created the "Declaration of the people of Rupert's land and the North-West". Which didn't allow Canada's government to govern the North-West. In March 1870 the Métis were agitated because of the small force of Canadians appearing at Portage la Prairie. Thomas Scott was put on fair trial in the Métis court and he was executed by the firing squad on March 4, 1870. If Louis Riel didn't infiltrate Upper Fort Garry on that day Tomas Scott would still be alive and the Government would try to get rid of the Métis's civilization.

Red River Rebellion

In the Red River area there were a lot of English and French speaking Métis. The Métis were afraid that the Canadians would re-survey land. Louis Riel became a spokesperson for the Métis and the leader for the Métis. Many Métis were located near the corner of Rupert's land. The Metis made a rebellion against the Canadian government and made a provisional government to enter Confederation. Louis Riel also created the "Bill of Rights" which consists of the "Manitoba Act." Because of Louis Riel's actions now there is a province called Manitoba in Canada. If Louis Riel didn't do the rebellion against the government there would be no Manitoba. This shows that he has the courage to rebel against the government.

Stood up for what he believed in

Louis Riel has helped many Métis people and gave the Métis hope. At first the Métis were being mistreated and the English people thought of them as dogs. The Métis had no rights, they had no say in anything! Everything flipped as soon as Riel became the president of the MNC (Métis National Committee). He stopped William McDougall from coming to the Red River Settlement, he lead the Saskatchewan Valley Métis settlers to protest against the Canadian government which lead to the "North-West Rebellion of 1885." Louis also was the only one who advised the rebellion to stay peaceful against the government and its infantry.

Louis Riel was Respected

Louis Riel was a respected man to his people. He has done many things that other Metis people couldn't do. When Louis Riel died November 16, 1885, his legacy carried on. Louis Riel's death caused an after-effect to the Métis. The Métis were in shock because the person who lead them to freedom and gave them rights was dead to a hanging caused by the government. Also In Quebec they made a statue of Louis Riel. If he wasn't respected there would be no statue in the first place.

Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor?

Louis Riel is a hero. Louis Riel is a hero because he showed the characterises of a hero. Here is the definition of a hero, A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." Louis Riel has courage he is the one who lead the Métis to infiltrate Upper Fort Garry. Louis RIel also had many achievements. He wanted the Métis to have rights and freedom from the Canadians. He wanted the Métis to be treated just like the Canadians. Louis also wanted peace between the Métis and the Government. Now the Métis are equally treated because of Louis Riel. Thus Louis Riel is a hero.

Louis Riel Heritage Minute

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