I am Princess X By Cherie Priest

By Phoebe Thompson


The book takes place in Seattle, Washington USA. This book is about the story of two bestfriends, May and Libby that met and started a comic when they were in fifth grade following the story of a girl named Princess X and her adventures with her katana sword by her side the comic was going strong. That is until one day when Libby and her mom were driving across a bridge and the car went over the side killing her and her mother along with their comic too, unable to find any scraps of it. Five years have past and May is sixteen now when she starts to see all sorts of things with the protagonist on them; stickers, shirts, patches, etc. She finds her comic all over online as a web comic but a horrible story behind the comic, because not only was Libby alive she was kidnapped put on an island with someone who killed both her parents and had been there unable to leave for years. she had just escaped and was in hiding writing the comic as a way of sending help. It was now up to May to find out why this happened and where she is along with her friend Patrick.


Seattle USA, A place of great opportunities, and the place where I met incredible people, May, her supposedly dead friend Libby we finally found, and others but also went on the adventure of a lifetime. I can still remember the way the busy city was like while working out what was happening. It was both a mixture of green but also filled with buildings everywhere you looked. The cool breeze and fresh air too along with the space needle standing tall and proud. The city's full of interesting people and adventure is just around the corner trust me.


An island, an island I unfortuanately can't forget no matter how much I try. It was both a lonely and terrible place. It was small and solitary; shut off from the rest of the world. It had a large house, which I absolutely despised and an even worse than that was the person living in it; a murderer and kidnapper. It was somewhat near the coast exept hidden where no one would ever find it. Desolate and deserted it was much so. Somewhere you should've never visited, somewhere you will never ever forget. Of coarse he's long gone but the mysteries of that house still stand. You may want to see but as for me I will keep my distance from those memories and that island.


My house in Seattle is and always will be special. It was where me and Libby would hang out all the time working and working continualously on our comic where Princess X would be on her adventures. That is until Libby "died". The house just wasn't the same anymore until me and with the help of Patrick discovered clues leading to Libby. Shrouded in our web comic written by an unknown author all over the internet. I can still remember when me and Libby would sit up in my room on the shaggy carpet me writing the stories, and her drawing the pictures. The house was surrounded by green with a freshly mowed lawn always on display. There were two glorious stories and an exterior of gray, We also solved the mystery in that house, that summer when the birds were chirping as the long hours of the day seemed to last forever. Seattle will always be my home and this will always be where I stand.