Neighborhood Watch Walk

Hayward Water Tower, Join Us Every Sunday at 5 PM


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Hayward Water Tower Neighborhood Watch Walk

Sunday, Dec. 6th, 4-5pm

Hayward Water Tower Park, Hayward, CA

We are a community. And we all need to pitch in to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. We cannot do this without your help.

Join us for an hour every Sunday at 4 PM at the Hayward Water Tower, look for the red tent. Meet your neighbors, patrol your neighborhood, and keep your community clean.

This is great for families and kids who have community hours to fulfill. Supplies to clean up the neighborhood provided by the City of Hayward from the Adopt-A-Block program.


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Volunteering Opportunities

If you are unable to help clean up the neighborhood because of a bad back, we encourage you to still consider volunteering at our tent. This is your opportunity to talk to others who are wondering what we are doing and how to stay safe. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community Outreach
  • Safety Training
  • Neighborhood Watch Patrols
  • Neighborhood Cleanup