Science Energy Plan

By: Bhargav, Kate, Sahaj, and Isaiah

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are very effective. The process of installing, maintaining and saving money is very easy. To install solar panels a professional needs to install them. After installed once, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done. Every six months, you should do a panel check and check for debris and dirt and if you find any, it is as simple as taking a garden hose and spraying water in the areas of dirt on the panel.There is an approval that needs to be certified, but that is not a problem in Texas. There are many others with solar panels on their buildings and the government is open to requests to install solar panels on their buildings.

How does it benefit our school?

If we used solar panels at school the energy bill would go down (You will be saving 2,400 a year) and if we get enough energy we can sell it back to the company.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves money

  • Renewable

  • Environmental friendly

  • Good ability

  • Shared solar


  • Costs money to install

  • Requires space

  • Exotic expensive material

  • Associated with pollution

Cost & Money

  • The cost for one solar panel is about $1000
  • The school will need about 8 panels
  • Each Panels Transmits 8 watts

Ways Of Raising Money

  • Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Donation Lottery
  • Duck Fundraiser
  • Bank Loan And paying it off

Energy Facts

  • Solar is obtained from sunlight
  • Solar cells convert light energy into electricity
  • As solar panels become more efficient, it provides only a small amount of the earths energy
  • Solar cells can be used to charge things like calculator.
  • Space stations like the International Space Station (ISS) uses solar panels to generate some of their power


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