AK School District Tech Directors

2016 Unconference

Change can be good!

Alaska EED will not be sponsoring our annual meeting during ASTE this year. However, the most valued aspect of our meetings has been collaboration among districts, and Cheryl and Tammy are volunteering to host the opportunity. Our meeting may look different this year, but we can accomplish the valuable collaboration we all treasure.

Alaska School District Technology Directors 2016 Unconference

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 8:30am-12pm

939 West 5th Avenue

Anchorage, AK


Please see the links below to learn more about attending an Unconference. Bring one or two things you'd like to find out about and one or two things on which you are willing to share your expertise. Also feel free to bring any technology that you would like to share. The agenda will be determined at the beginning of the Unconference.




Food and Prizes

We are grateful to ASTE for providing a room, Internet, and a screen for our Unconference! Thank you, ASTE! However, we won't be allowed to bring food to the meeting, so please bring your own drink! There is a Starbucks on the main floor of the hotel.

Door prizes will be collaborative. Please bring a door prize to give away :)


Please complete a separate RSVP for each person from your district who will be attending the meeting.