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By: Kelsey Dinning


The ISIS terrorist group was created in April 2013 and was formed from the al-Qaeda (AQI) in Iraq. It stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The organization is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but not much information is known about him.They are working towards an Islamic emirate from Iraq and Syria. They also have a reputation for brutal rule in the countries they have taken over.

Kenyan Terrorists

Kenya has experienced many terrorist attacks since 2011. The Al-Shabaab is the terrorist group that has been fighting the Somalian and Kenyan military which began in October of 2011. The Al-Shabaab are against, "enemies of Islam" and are in combat with the Federal Government of Somalian and the African Union Mission to Somalian. In just 2011 & 2012 alone there has been 17 attacks, 48 people dead, and more than 200 injured. They're targeting: police stations, nightclubs, churches, and small shops. Some attacks that have occurred recently are:

  • Westgate mall shooting - 2013
  • Garrissa attack (Garissa University College) - 2015

Contributions of Islam to the World

The Islam have contributed many things to the world civilizations, education, culture, and scientific development. The study of science has always been important to the Muslims. Some things they have provided or discovered for the world to know is: Algebra, Chemistry, paper making, geography, the Quran, and the theory of relativity.

  • Qaadhi Abu Bakr developed the theory of relativity in the 8th century in terms of time and space
  • Muslims scientist established that the world was round in the 9th century
  • High quality paper was being made in Samarqand as early as the 8th century
  • The Quran mentions many scientific facts describing how things came to be

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