August TEAM FAB Newsletter

A Bit of Monthly Love from your Director, Robyn Torres

Thank You for Your Patience

Hi Team!

I first want to take a moment to thank you all for your support and prayers during these past summer months. These past few months have been a bit tough for me as I was caught up ensuring all team issues during Mother's Day were resolved, dealing with my grandma's illness & death, getting ready for convention and for my daughter to start kinder- which she did this week! With all of these things, I fell behind on my personal business and keeping up with team incentives/communication which I really apologize for and thank you so much for your patience during this difficult time for me. I am gearing up and excited for this next quarter of Holiday season, great sales and amazing opportunity!

The Origami Owl Experience- 2013

The Convention was truly amazing! Not only were we blessed with awesome speakers, training, new product- but we bonded as a team, which really is a priceless part of the weekend. There was laughter, tears, excitement and of course dancing! It was a weekend that I will hold close to my heart. The Nest will be doing webinars that cover topics from the weekend, so that you won't miss out on any of that great information. Following Convention, various leaders around the nation decided to hold Training events for everyone in their area. Many times a representative from the Nest is at these trainings. I highly encourage you to attend one if there is one held in your area, so you can meet others and receive awesome training. Listed below are the trainings and links to RSVP for these events.

New Product Coming Fall!

About New Product- to clarify a few things and give my personal advice because I think it's important for your business. I know that since the release of new products, pics have been popping up everywhere and there is lots of excitement for ordering new products. I have heard September mentioned as the date of release everywhere, but we never received a date of release at Convention. They did mention that in September they would be making changes and improvements to the back office, so I am not sure if this is where the September date came into play- but it was never mentioned as a date for new products. Unless I somehow totally missed this, but I checked on our Director FB page and no one there heard a release date either. Designers seem eager in wanting to know an exact date, I understand the excitement for new product, but I want to encourage you to focus on our current product and to wait until we actually have a release date to promote new product. Why am I encouraging this? Don't get me wrong, I think sneak peeks are great for your customers and am all for this- but giving expected dates, when nothing official has been released, could hurt you if customers plan parties solely based on wanting new products or they want to hold orders to include new products and items are not released when you thought they would be. Both them and you become frustrated.
I personally have not really mentioned new products too much since Convention and have continued to encourage customers to book parties. As soon as your focus becomes on new release of products- customers want to hold on have Jewelry Bars when these products come out so they want to wait until Sept or Oct, Why wait? We have enough awesome products to get great Holiday gifts, which is what most are getting during this season. And if your customer has a party before the new product is released- Awesome, and then you can encourage your hostess to have another party once new product is released. So my advice to you is not to get fixated on new products and release dates, but rather focus on what we have now and think about getting customers to book 2 parties, by focusing on what we have now and then contacting them again (and past hostesses) to book another party for new products once a release date is confirmed.
I feel like the catalog is also rather new, we've just had it for about 3 and half months- there are still so many great options for gifts and personal purchases


June Incentives were Spirit Awards! Michelle Burke, Krista Saysanam and myself felt that it was a great time to recognize Spirit! These were awarded to team members that showed amazing spirit during the Mother's Day issues and kept the team going and motivated! Congrats and thank you all for your beautiful spirit- it is what makes this team great!

June Dream Court

Congrats to Queen Gina Loretelli PV $4683.01

Dream Court: Carrie Smith, Heather Hockett

I will mail a check of $15 to each of you and Gina won the table cloth in white and glitter (shown below)- I will ship have it shipped to you!


We will put a hold on the Dream Court and instead will be working on the Cobo Incentive that I created for the team, which I added PV to, so it is still awarding those that would have been in the Dream Court. And since prizes are the same value or better than the $15 lunch, I think this is a great incentive! You not only have a chance to win prizes, but will also be qualified for the Cabo company incentive trip!!!

Everyone who qualifies will be emailed 1 ticket/month. You can qualify by either of the following for each month:

  • JULY- 4 jewelry bars or $2000 PV
  • AUGUST- 8 jewelry bars or $3000 PV
  • SEPTEMBER- 8 jewelry bars or $3000 PV
  • OCTOBER- 10 jewelry bars or $4000 PV
  • NOVEMBER- 10 jewelry bars or $4000 PV

I can see PV/month easily to award ticket, but it takes time for me to look through Jewelry Bars so please email me if you hold the correct # of Jewelry Bars/month and I will check this. They must be submitted through your Party tab as that is the only way I can check this. I will count the closed date as the month to credit the jewelry bar

There will be 5 levels of prizes and prizes will be redeemed and announced in November. If you receive $16,000 in PV or a total of 40 Jewelry Bars within this time you will also be entered into a Grand Prize drawing!

Good Luck everyone! I know you will do amazing and please email me, my contact info is posted at the bottom if you held 4 jewelry bars in July!

Are You Really Going to Give Up on CABO?!

Cabo is Only for Leaders.....

I have heard this way too many times, and so I wanted to make sure you all understood this and how Untrue it is! This trip is actually quite the opposite, it is for those that have the time to sell, sell, sell and many times this is not a leader.

Let's look at some quick #s:

This month you did 4 JB with each JB having a retail value of $600 ( I will use 60% as PV -since approximate retail you receive is 40%)


PV= 4 JB x $360 (60% of $600)= $1,440, PV= $1,440, so points=1,440

So points for Designer= 1,440

Your leader, tends to do half of the jewelry bars you do. Why? Because they are busy with communication to their team, managing team issues, mentoring, meetings. This all takes time to do which results in less sales and jewelry bars. Leaders average a PV of $700 (which is about 2 Jewelry Bars)


PV= 2 JB x $360 (60% of $600)= $720, PV= $720, so points=720

CTV= $100,000 / 250 (1 pnt for every $250 in CTV)= 400, so points= 400

So points for Leader= 720 + 400 = 1,120

In the example above, you can see how the designer will have more points than the leader, even if the leader has a team volume of $100,000. There are over 10 people on my downline that have more points towards Cabo incentive than I do, even though I am a Director. So, don't sell yourself short or think that you can't get there and that leaders will be the ones going. Most leaders will agree that their average sales are much less now because they need to manage their team, so really Cabo is in the hands of those that can sell, sell, sell and that can be you. Regardless if a Director or starting off designer- you have the ability to get there. So read the rules below and info in our folder and Believe that you can get there! I know at times we have trouble believing we can do and win things like this. Don't start doubting yourself- Believe that you can do this! Do your best and even if you don't win the Cabo trip, you will be making some great commission on sales to pay for your own Cabo trip!


The contest begins on July 1, 2013 and ends on November 30, 2013. Designers Personal Volume (“PV”) and Central Team Volume (“CTV”) will be tallied and tracked by the Company. Personal Volume and Central Team Volume will have the same meaning and definitions as found in Designer Career Plan located in the Company’s back office.

  1. For every $1 PV accumulated by the Designer = 1 point will be awarded.
  2. For every $250 CTV accumulated by the Designer = 1 point will be awarded.
  3. The Top 300 designers that have accumulated the most points will be eligible to earn the Cabo trip!
  4. Of the 300 designers, the 150 that have accumulated the most points will get to choose the date of the trip on either Feb 4-7 or Feb 7-10, 2014.

PRIZES: The following prizes will be awarded:

  1. A 4 day 3 night stay at the Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort located in Los Cabos Baja California Sur, México.

  2. Available dates for the above will be as follows:

    • February 4th-7th, 2014

    • February 7th-10th, 2014

  3. The Designer may take a guest on the trip, unless a mother & daughter team

    accumulates the above points, in which case only the mother & daughter team will be allowed to go (not an additional guest) ). In addition, the guest may not be an active designer.

  4. Los Cabos is an all-inclusive resort. All meals will be provided (however, alcohol will not be reimbursed or covered in the cost of the trip)

  5. Both the Designer and guest will receive a round trip coach airfare from a US destination to Los Cabos.

  6. 1 pre-planned excursion that the resort offers will be provided free of charge, up to a maximum amount of $150.

Below is a link to a folder that contains more information and resources to help you get to Cabo! There is even a document that can help you track your points manually or a calculator to track through excel.


    There have been some issues entering Jewelry Bars, if you continue to receive a message that you "Exceed the Allowed Amount" it may be an IT issue.

    Make sure you have everything entered completely, all rewards and credit card info, then if you continue to receive this message- call designer care and ask them to close the party for you. They can force close the party from their end. If you have any trouble force closing- email myself, Krista or Michelle and we can contact Leadership to have them close the party for you. You also may not be entering in parties correctly, so be sure to look at the resources below if you are having difficulty entering parties

    Some tutorials to help you Enter Jewelry Bars:

    1. Marty & Heather (part of Team Believe) created this video series to help train Designers of all experience levels to learn how to enter their parties into the Party Tab. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE these videos publicly at this time because they have not been approved by Origami Owl Marketing Dept yet and can only be used by Team Believe Members, which includes us. The videos total 35 mins in full but is worth watching if you need some help in this area

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    2. Erin Hernandez created this newsletter on how to enter a party step-by-step. It is pretty awesome! And a great tool to help you enter your parties

    Mentor-Designer Relationship

    I just wanted to stress the importance of the Mentor-Designer relationship. First, designers please don't hesitate to contact your mentor or ever feel like you are bothering them. Your mentor's job is to mentor you. There are also lots of resources and information that are easy to find in the backoffice and in our Team Drobox (link at bottom of this newsletter) that are helpful, so be sure to look there as well. All of those that have been successful with the company, will tell you that they read and learned as much as they could so this is also an important part of training and become familiar; but also know mentor is also there for you during this process of learning and growing. Please remember that your mentor, although ready to help you, is also not available at all hours so be sure if they don't answer their phone, that you leave a message/send an email and give her/him time to return your call. Mentors should contact you monthly by phone or email, but if you need help more than that contact them- my leaders contact me all the time and I am happy about that, even sending small text to each other keeps us connected so never feel afraid or hesitate to contact your mentor. As mentors, we are here for you and want you to be successful.

    Now for those of you that mentor, please be sure you are making contact or at least try to make contact with those you mentor. This is part of your job, building a team doesn't mean that your job stops when a designer joins your team, your primary job is to help guide those you mentor. Not doing your job as a mentor, is unfair to the designer you are mentoring and it is unfair to your upline as many times the designer will then go to your upline and they will take over. Remember YOU are the one getting commission from this so it is YOUR responsibility to help those you mentor. If you don't think you have the time or commitment to mentor someone interested in joining, then please pass their information up to your mentor/up-line. It is so important that new designer get the support that they need. If you thought you were able to mentor, but feel you no longer want to build a team or are able to help your designer then please contact your mentor/up-line so we can have the designer moved and they can receive the help they need and deserve. Please be the Best Mentor you can be, don't leave those you tried to get on your team helpless- this is a job just like any other job that takes time and commitment to those you mentor so be there for them or have them placed under someone else if you are unable to be there for them.

    Team Meetings

    August 20- El Paso, Texas

    Team meeting on Tuesday, Aug 20 6:15-8pm at the Lunchbox on 9007 Montana Ave, 79925
    Meeting will cover Convention recap, showing some new product & a run through on Jewelry Bars from start to finish with some new tips learned at Convention hope many can make it! DIWs welcome! Door prizes!

    Sept 28- Dallas, Texas

    Team meeting on Saturday, Sept 28th 10am to 1pm at Southlake Hilton Hotel 1400 Plaza Pl, Southlake, TX 76092

    Meeting will be led by our Direct to Corporate Leader, Tami Butcher. $10 admission fee (details to follow of how to pay) Evite with RSVP to follow soon.

    Robyn Torres

    Director, Origami Owl

    Team Faith & Always Believe