Life of a Newsie

based on true events

Choose a picture of a newsie that you find online.

Write a 200 word or more description of the child you pictured. Write it in the first person, almost as if you'd be blogging his/her thoughts.."I am a newsie, ..." Be sure to include some of the following...

*What you see around you

*How you are dressed

*What you are doing

* What is similar and different between you and other children?
*What you do all day long

*How you like or don't like your situation

* Something about your family

You may either print your essay and picture out to hand in, or you may create a posting like this one and email it to me at

This site is called and is very easy to use. If you choose to use this site, be sure to email it to the correct address or it will not count as handed in on time.