Union Bulletin Update

June 7, 2015

HCRS West's Losses totaling 1.8 million needs more scrutiny according to Valley News Editorial

In the June 7th, 2015 Sunday edition of the Valley News, the editorial board of the paper once again calls attention to HCRS and the financial losses created by HCRS West, the organization HCRS created in California. In fact, they make this provocative statement, " ...HCRS operates with approximately the same degree of transparency as the National Security Agency. As a matter of policy, the organization does not make available to the public its governing documents, conflict of interest policy or audited financial statements. This from a nonprofit agency that contracts with the state to provide services to 4,500 mentally ill and developmentally disabled people in Windsor and Windham counties and receives millions of dollars a year in federal and state money, along with additional support from towns in its service area."
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HCRS' decision timeline as reported in May 31, 2015 Valley News

"...the current board of HCRS ought to commit itself to a new policy of transparency in order to rebuild public confidence. Sound business practices demand at least that much." Valley News Editorial, June 7, 2015

"the state should add a provision to the contracts of large nonprofits that receive public funding requiring them to post their audited financial statements online in a timely manner, a step State Auditor Doug Hoffer favors." Valley News Editorial, June 7, 2015

From our own editorial of May 31, 2015 found in the Union Bulletin Update

"We have called on George Karabakakis in the past and do so now, again, to honor his word and lead HCRS into a new era of transparency. We call on HCRS and its Board of Directors to insist on transparency in their operations."

United Nurses & Allied Professionals, Local 5051 @ HCRS

As Pictured, from front right to back left of photo

Susanae Glovacki, LICSW, Brattleboro, Vice President

Joyce Dion, LICSW, Hartford, President

Hilde Hyde,MA, CMHC, Hartford

Patty Akley Warlick, MA, DTR, Hartford

Laura B Williams, LMHC,Springfield

Elizabeth Mueller, LCMHC,Brattleboro, Secretary