Labor of Love

English School Project

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Dear Friend,

Many of the children all over the world lack opportunities to have a better life. We are so blessed with access to education and doors of opportunities. We have a vision to establish an English School for children in La Labor, El Salvador - that will improve their standard of living for themselves and their families.

El Salvador is one of the poorest third world countries in Central America. The average wage for the working class is $3.00 a day. This causes families to continue in poverty and not be able to provide their children a college or university education. These are some of the benefits that the English School Project will provide:

  • Children will receive the love of God and avoid being recruited for gangs.
  • Children will receive hope for a better future.
  • Children will be able to qualify for scholarships.
  • Children will be able to grow up and get a job earning 10x more than the average wage.
  • Children will be able to change the standard of living for their families.

Your donation will express God’s love to these enthusiastic, eager students! The project cost for equipment and start-up costs is $8,000.00. The parents are so passionate about their kids being enrolled in the school and are willing to participate. We have over 80 students already signed up, with their parents committing to contribute their time and any minimal finances to ensure that the school is a success! Please visit our facebook page where you will be able to meet the children and follow their progress via photos and video.

On behalf of the children, we request your most generous contribution for this project. Every dollar makes a difference! Let's be part of this "Labor of Love"!

Thank you for your consideration,

Janet Casas

The Way World Outreach - Ministry Development Director

(909) 702-0933